• EV Supply Equipment Concerns National Electrical Code

    Feb 15, 2022 | Michael Johnston
    Chapter 6, Special Equipment, addresses equipment installations such as fire pumps, electric signs, elevators and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). In addition to the electrical general installation rules, Chapter 6 requirements often modify general rules in a more restrictive fashion.
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  • Fiber Optic Trivia Cabling

    Feb 1, 2022
    Fiber optic communications has been around so long that we don’t think much about how it got started and developed into the powerful communications systems of today. Let’s test your knowledge of fiber optics history (and give you some trivia to impress your colleagues with).
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  • Different Ways to Install Fiber Cabling

    Jan 16, 2018
    We’re all familiar with the usual ways to install fiber—trenching and burying cable or placing cable on poles outdoors and placing cables in trays or conduit indoors. But there are many other ways to install fiber optic cable that are sometimes easier and more economical. How familiar are you with those techniques?
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  • Judging the Speed of Fiber Optics Cabling

    Nov 9, 2021
    We’re always talking about how fast fiber optic networks are, but “fast” has several meanings. How well do you understand fast in fiber optics?
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  • Navigating OSHA Citations Safety

    Nov 9, 2021 | Wesley L. Wheeler
    Understanding OSHA regulations is a constant challenge, and navigating OSHA requirements when dealing with a citation is critical to an investigation’s outcome. With penalties increasing in recent years, it is important to understand the monetary impact on an employer and how it can affect them if a second violation or citation is received. Managing safety is always important for the employer and employees. How much do you know about violations?
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  • Fire Alarm Tests for Sprinklers Life Safety Systems

    Oct 6, 2021 | Thomas P. Hammerberg
    How well do you know the inspection and testing requirements for fire sprinklers connected to a fire alarm system? Take this quiz to find out.
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  • Identifying Certified Electrical Products National Electrical Code

    Oct 6, 2021 | Michael Johnston
    Conductors and equipment covered by the NEC are acceptable only if the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) approves them. Certified (listed) electrical products and equipment often serve as the AHJ’s basis for approval. A product must be listed where the NEC includes a requirement that equipment be listed. Are you familiar with other installation factors that the AHJ will verify in the approval process?
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  • Returning to the Safety Basics Safety

    Sep 9, 2021 | Wesley L. Wheeler
    It’s important to remind ourselves about the basic principles and requirements for a safe workplace.
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  • Fiber Optic Network Review Cabling

    Sep 9, 2021
    We’re bombarded by news of fiber optic networks—fiber to the home, 5G cellular backhaul, data centers and more. Managers involved with designing, installing and operating these networks need to be familiar with them. How well do you understand fiber optic networks?
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  • The Latest from OSHA Safety

    Jan 16, 2018 | Wesley L. Wheeler
    Safety professionals need a vast knowledge of safety regulations and standards, an understanding of electrical industry work and the communication skills to train all levels of employees. Staying up to date is necessary to deliver the safety message and provide assistance to company employees.
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