Audible Fire Alarm Notification Appliances

How well do you know the application, design and installation factors for audible fire alarm notification appliances? These are some details that should be known for a more effective fire alarm.

1. Sound pressure levels will decrease up to _____ decibels (dB) every time you double the distance from an audible notification appliance.

Correct Answer: 6

2. You will gain _____ dB each time you double the wattage setting for fire alarm speakers.

Correct Answer: 3

3. The listed sound level rating for audible fire alarm notification appliances is measured at _____ feet from the appliance.

Correct Answer: 10

4. When you install more than one audible notification appliance in the same area, the overall sound pressure level will increase no more than _____ dB.

Correct Answer: 3

5. Average sound loss through a closed door is _____ A-weighted decibels (dBA).

Correct Answer: 17

6. Audible notification appliance shall not exceed _____ dBA at the minimum hearing distance.

Correct Answer: 110

7. Wall-mounted audible notification appliance shall have their tops at no less than _____ inches above the finished floor and no less than 6 inches below the finished ceiling.

Correct Answer: 90

8. When testing sound pressure levels for emergency voice alarm communications systems, you test the _____ .

Correct Answer: Alert tone

9. The minimum required sound level for a fire alarm notification appliance installed in a sleeping room is _____ dBA.

Correct Answer: 75

10. The average ambient sound level for a Business Occupancy is _____ dBA.

Correct Answer: 55