ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine, the premier source of information for the electrical construction industry, is published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). Since 1935, this monthly publication has been dedicated to serving electrical contractor firm owners, engineers, estimators, purchasing agents, project managers, supervisors, journeymen and apprentice electricians and others with in-depth coverage of the latest industry trends, technologies and insights.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR is a multimedia format B2B brand intended for those who are actively involved in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and nonbuilding projects, whether new construction, renovation or maintenance. The magazine’s content and editorial scope focuses on integrated building systems applications, including in-depth technical articles on safety, estimating, codes and current industry trends.

Electrical Contractor Media Group’s website and social media presence complement the content of every issue with videos, webinars, news stories and online versions of the magazines’ articles.

While it is the official magazine of NECA, its overall mission and circulation policy is to serve the informational needs of the entire $100-billion electrical contracting industry.

As the “voice of the industry,” more than 80,000 electrical contractors repeatedly endorse ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR as by far, their most respected, authoritative and preferred publication. Advertisers select it as their must-buy magazine; it’s the leading advertising medium in the industry.

Publishing and Circulation

The Publishing and Circulation team oversees the magazines’ direction, advertising strategy, subscription/circulation and printing/mailing, ensuring the magazines’ success.

Editorial Team

By whatever measurement, the magazine dominates its market. Led by Julie Mazur, the team of five full-time editorial staff and more than 30 paid contributing writers—the largest in the industry—publishes more editorial material than the next two publications combined. A thorough editing process ensures each article meets the high standards of quality and relevance. Electrical Contractor Media Group adheres to the AP Stylebook and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. For more details on the magazine’s contributors and editorial team, visit the contributors page.


Electrical Contractor Media Group engages both in-house and external creative services.

Address Changes/New Subscriptions

Please visit to renew your subscription or obtain a new subscription if you are not currently receiving the magazine. To notify us of a change of address or another subscription issue, please email [email protected] or call 847.763.4945.


Electrical Contractor Media Group produces three magazines dedicated to the electrical construction industry:

  • Electrical Contractor: NECA’s flagship, monthly publication, it is the vital information source for the electrical contracting community. The magazine’s content—showcasing industry trends, news, new products and vital on-the-job tips—informs readers and influences their purchases. Explore Electrical Contractor Magazine.
  • Safety Leader: Safety is vital. This quarterly supplement (February, May, August and November) geared toward the electrical industry’s safety leaders was launched in 2020. It tackles safety from all angles, from best practices, requirements, safety programs and updates. Discover Safety Leader Magazine.
  • Line Contractor: This quarterly publication (March, June, September and December) covers the outside electrical industry and those working in transmission, distribution and more. Launched in 2021, it is dedicated to outside line construction, maintenance and the unique challenges line contractors face. Read Line Contractor Magazine.

These specialized publications ensure comprehensive coverage of the industry, from in-depth technical discussions to the latest in safety and line construction.

Alliance for Audited Media

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR is the only monthly publication strictly for electrical and low-voltage contractors. Electrical contractors consistently rank ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR as the most well read and preferred magazine in the industry. Readers are management-level decision-makers and specifiers, working across the construction spectrum, from commercial to residential, industrial, institutional and nonbuilding projects. Content spans a variety of topics, including codes, standards, installation tips, new products, advice for running a business, lighting and trends, all written by industry experts.

Alliance for Audited Media

Our AAM Brand View



Electrical Contractor Media Group is committed to delivering comprehensive coverage of the electrical construction industry, including trends, technologies, safety, business management and regulatory updates. Electrical Contractor Media Group’s mission is to empower readers with the knowledge and insights to enhance their professional development and business operations.

The mission of Electrical Contractor Media Group is three-fold:

  • Circulation: The circulation mission is to identify and reach professionals working in electrical contracting firms who, in the aggregate, are responsible for a minimum of 90% of the total market dollar volume as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau. Circulation is industry-wide, regardless of any association or other industry affiliation. To accomplish that mission, Electrical Contractor Media Group regularly and aggressively uses our own and outside market research to provide detailed documentation of the activities, specific interests, future needs and demographic makeup of the total audience.
  • Editorial Content: The overall editorial mission is to provide readers with the most complete information package available pertaining to their needs in both business management and everyday field working environments. Editorial is 100% staff written, with no unsolicited/unpaid editorial accepted. We present editorial in a graphically stimulating, instructive and pleasant-to-read atmosphere.
  • Advertising Content: The advertising mission is to provide the most compelling, must-read customer (reader) friendly environment to maximize customers' (advertisers’) ability to communicate with their customers. Electrical Contractor Media Group’s mission is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their investment to the largest audience of decision-makers in the industry.

Ownership and Funding

Published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Electrical Contractor Media Group is funded through advertising. Editorial independence is paramount, ensuring content remains unbiased and focused on readers’ interests.

Editorial Independence Policy

The editorial content for the magazines and digital offerings is produced independently. Financial support does not influence news coverage decisions, ensuring the integrity of Electrical Contractor Media Group and readers’ trust.

Electrical Contractor Media Group’s editorial policy dictates that 100% of the editorial content is from paid contributing editors or staff writers. Electrical Contractor Media Group does not accept contributed articles.

If your company manufactures a product that electrical contractors, safety professionals or outside lineworkers use, send submissions (a description plus high-res image) for the New Products sections to [email protected].

Ethics Policy

The editorial team and contributing editors provide unbiased reporting and analysis. Each piece of content undergoes rigorous verification and fact-checking to ensure accuracy.

Corrections Policy

The magazine team corrects any errors to the best of its ability. Should you identify any inaccuracies, please contact us at [email protected].

Reader Engagement and Feedback

Electrical Contractor Media Group values reader engagement, insight and feedback. Contact the team through email or

Diverse Voices Statement

Electrical Contractor Media Group strives to include a wide range of viewpoints in its coverage, representing the rich diversity of the electrical construction industry.

Electrical Contractor Media Group reflects NECA’s principles for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

  • Vision: Empowering a cultural shift in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through education, opportunity, awareness and open dialogue.
  • Mission: Develop an awareness and education platform to foster a work environment within the electrical industry that supports each person’s unique differences. NECA will strive to create a long-term cultural shift, on national and local levels, where each person can thrive and be empowered to contribute to the overall success of the industry.
  • Values: Realize the potential of all people. Respect and welcome differences. Drive Innovation. Take action against injustices. Create and embrace a sustainable transformation. Support all people of all backgrounds in the electrical industry.

Staffing Diversity

The National Electrical Contractors Association is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. NECA does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, veteran status, disability status or any other applicable characteristics protected by law.