Cords and Cables

Working safely with cabling and cords in the electrical industry is a priority for all workers. OSHA has specific requirements for this. Whether it is temporary power cords or permanently installed cables, safety is a must for everyone.

1. Flexible cords used with temporary and portable lights must be hard usage.

Correct Answer: True

2. Each cord set, attachment cap, plug and receptacle of cord sets, and any equipment connected by cord and plug—except cord sets and receptacles that are fixed and not exposed to damage—shall be visually inspected ________ for external defects. Equipment found damaged or defective shall not be used until repaired.

Correct Answer: Before each day's use

3. Temporary wiring shall be removed ________ upon completion of construction or the purpose for which the wiring was installed.

Correct Answer: Immediately

4. Extension cord sets used with portable electric tools and appliances shall be of ________-wire type and shall be designed for hard or extra-hard usage.

Correct Answer: Three

5. Multiconductor portable cable for use in supplying power to portable or mobile equipment at over 600 volts, nominal, shall consist of No. ________ or larger conductors employing flexible stranding.

Correct Answer: 8

6. Hard service flexible cords No. ________ or larger may be repaired if spliced so the splice retains the insulation, outer sheath properties, and usage characteristics of the cord being spliced.

Correct Answer: 12

7. Flexible cords and cables shall be protected by bushings or fittings where passing through holes in covers.

Correct Answer: True

8. Conductors for temporary wiring run as multiconductor cord or cable assemblies where not subject to physical damage may be run as open conductors on insulators not more than ________ feet apart.

Correct Answer: 10

9. An extension cord equipped with a built-in LED for indication is an acceptable method to comply with an assured equipment grounding conductor program.

Correct Answer: True

10. When testing cords and the wiring of a completed assembly, which of the following checks and tests, or equivalent, should be performed? (I) Determine all equipment grounding conductors are electrically continuous. (II) Test all equipment grounding conductors for electrical continuity. (III) Determine each equipment grounding conductor is connected to its proper terminal. (IV) Test each receptacle and attachment plug to ensure correct attachment of the equipment grounding conductor.

Correct Answer: I, II, III and IV