Fire Alarms and the IBC

Building and fire codes provide the “when” and “where” of how fire alarm systems are installed. How well do you know the fire alarm requirements of the 2018 International Building Code (IBC)? Here is your opportunity to find out.

1. In Group E occupancies, an emergency voice alarm communication system is required if the occupant load is greater than _____.

Correct Answer: 100

2. When manual fire alarm boxes are not installed due to a sprinkler exception, the fire alarm control unit and notification appliances are still required.

Correct Answer: True

3. In Group R occupancies, smoke detectors must be installed in interior corridors serving sleeping rooms when the building is fully sprinklered.

Correct Answer: True

4. Occupant notification is not required when private mode signaling is used in Group _____ occupancies.

Correct Answer: I

5. A manual fire alarm system providing occupant notification shall be provided in Group R-2 occupancies when the building contains more than _____ dwelling or sleeping units.

Correct Answer: 16

6. Ionization smoke alarms shall not be installed less than _____ feet horizontally from a permanently installed cooking appliance.

Correct Answer: 20

7. In buildings with an occupied floor more than _____ feet above the lowest level of fire-department vehicle access, voice evacuation systems for high-rise buildings shall be multiple-channel systems.

Correct Answer: 120

8. In Group R-2 college and university buildings used for staff or student housing, smoke detectors must be installed in all of the following areas except _____.

Correct Answer: All interior stairwells servicing sleeping or dwelling units

9. In Group B occupancies, a manual fire alarm system is required when the combined occupant load of all floors is _____ or more.

Correct Answer: 500

10. Where _____ or more fire protection or life safety systems are interconnected, the intended response of subordinate fire protection and life safety systems shall be verified when required testing of the initiating system is conducted.

Correct Answer: Two