Fire Alarm Initiating Devices

Test your knowledge of the application, installation and testing of fire alarm initiating devices.

1. Wall-mounted smoke detectors must be installed __________ inches below the ceiling to the closest point of the detector.

Correct Answer: 0-12

2. When installed at exits, manual fire alarm boxes must be installed within __________ feet of the exit doorway.

Correct Answer: 5

3. Where installed for signal initiation during construction, carbon-monoxide detectors shall be replaced prior to the final commissioning of the system.

Correct Answer: True

4. All heat detectors must be tested at least once per year.

Correct Answer: False

5. Heat detector spacing on a 20-foot ceiling shall be determined by multiplying the listed spacing by __________ percent.

Correct Answer: 64

6. When installing air-sampling smoke detectors, maximum air sample transport time shall not exceed __________ seconds.

Correct Answer: 120

7. On smooth ceilings, projected beam-type detectors may be spaced up to __________ feet between beams.

Correct Answer: 60

8. Smoke or heat detectors installed in elevator hoistways must be accessible for servicing or testing from outside the hoistway.

Correct Answer: True

9. On a smooth ceiling, smoke detectors are installed at a nominal spacing of 30 feet, plus or minus __________ percent.

Correct Answer: 5

10. When installing heat or smoke detectors in areas with partitions extending up to within __________ percent of the ceiling, the spaces separated by the partitions shall be considered separate rooms.

Correct Answer: 15