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ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine in print is a controlled distribution. Readers in the United States who qualify as employees in the electrical or low-voltage industries may subscribe for free. Industry participants in our distribution area who do not qualify for subscriptions may secure complementary copies.  Subscriptions must be renewed annually. Don’t worry—we’ll remind you when it’s time.

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What is all this information you’re asking for on the subscription card?

The subscription form has a lot of categories and checkboxes. We know it can be a little intimidating.

In short, we need to know what sort of work you do—the building components and construction types your company is involved in. (Don’t worry about all those numbers, those are just for classification purposes on our end.)

We ask for this detailed info for several reasons:

  1. We need to validate that you qualify to receive the magazine.
  2. It helps us figure out how to better serve you as the subscriber with our content and advertising.
  3. It helps us to determine the best profile version of an electrical contractor.