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(Not) The Terrible Twos

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Mar 23, 2022

I’m excited to Kick off year 2 of Line Contractor. I hope I will meet more of you in person in 2022. I want to know how you think this magazine could have a positive impact on your work.

We start this issue with Michael Johnston, NECA’s executive director of codes and standards. On page 2, he compares and contrasts the National Electrical Safety Code and the National Electrical Code. I know outside lineworkers use the NESC, but sometimes owners need to apply the NEC to inherited overhead distribution systems constructed to NESC requirements. Mike is here to help. Read “Applying Codes Effectively.”

Susan Bloom interviews two experts about how utilities have had to step up pre-storm preparations and post-storm restoration efforts to keep power flowing when the weather acts up. “Calculated Response” is on page 6.

In December’s Line Contractor, Chuck Ross wrote about modernizing the grid. In “What’s So Smart About Substations?,” he points out that most U.S. substations are pushing 50. They weren’t built to meet the dynamic grid operation needs of the 21st century, so there is pressure to make new substations smarter, to understand and react to data. Find it on page 12. Gordon Feller also writes about the two-way flow of energy in The Basics on page 10.

After Hurricane Ida, E-J Electric T&D deployed crews to support local utility company Entergy Corp. in restoring power to Louisiana and Mississippi residents. The company’s VP shared the crews’ experience in Susan Bloom’s “Leading the Restoration Charge” on page 16.

We brought our ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and SAFETY LEADER columnist Tom O’Connor over to this magazine. His Safety Briefing on tree trimming is on page 5.

We know you work aloft. This issue addresses that in the Safety Briefing (page 5), Chuck Kelly’s Compliance column (page 11), Training on page 15 and the tailboard talk about personal fall arrest systems on page 20. Plus there are new products on page 21.

What can we bring you more of? What big projects do you have planned for 2022? We are always looking to feature line contractors’ projects in the magazine. Email me at

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