Cementex's Nine-Piece Electrican's Service Tool Kit

Manufacturer: Cementex

Cementex’s TR-9ELK-ZC nine-piece electrician’s service tool kit features double-insulated safety hand tools in a zippered case. It includes a 9-in. pair of linesmen’s pliers, a 71/2-in. pair of diagonal cutting pliers, a 7-in. pair of needle nose pliers, a 9-in. combination stripper and crimper, 3/16-in. slotted screwdrivers in 41/2-in. and 6-in. lengths, a 1/4-in.-by-6-in. slotted screwdriver, a 3-in. No. 1 Phillips screwdriver and a 4-in. No. 2 Phillips screwdriver.

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