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By Jeff Griffin | Jan 15, 2016




At the 2015 NECA Show in San Francisco, a panel of judges representing different industry disciplines selected 23 Showstopper Award winners from 188 entries displayed in the Showstopper Showcase area. Judging was completed prior to the exhibition hall’s opening on the first day of the show. Later in the day, award placards were placed with the winning entries, and the exhibitors received their awards.

Sponsored by Electrical Contractor, the Showstopper Awards and Showcase provide a highly visible platform for introducing new products and services to the electrical marketplace. To be eligible, entries must have been introduced after Jan. 1, 2014, be currently available, and not be a previous Showstopper winner.

1 Amprobe
The AMP-310 600-ampere (A) alternating current (AC) True rms clamp meter is designed for general electric; electric motor; and heating, ventilating and air conditioning testing. It has core motor-testing capabilities, including motor rotation, three-phase sequence testing, and in-rush current measurement for motor-startup monitoring. It also offers a full range of standard multimeter features, including AC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency, True rms, noncontact voltage detection, resistance, continuity and a CAT III, 600-volt (V) safety rating.

2 Amprobe
The PRM-6 motor and phase-rotation tester can test the motor rotation of three-phase systems and verify three-phase receptacle wiring and phase sequencing with test leads. In addition, wireless motor-rotation detection senses motor-rotation direction without using test leads. This is particularly useful for fast-running motors when the motor rotation cannot be visually determined or when the drive shaft is not visible.

3 Angel-Guard
The Spool Tools ground-rod driver can quickly set a rod in the ground. The rod sits in a concave seat inside the driver to prevent mushrooming the head. The striking surface is 23/8 inches wide with a bevel to focus hammer blows to the top of the rod. An all-season cushion grip provides a slip-free and shock-absorbing hold surface as the rod is driven into the ground. The 7¾-inch tube design ensures the driver stays on the rod as it is hammered into the ground.

4 Bridgeport
The hinged design of Mighty-Rite nonmetallic split bushings allows the plastic bushing to be installed either before or after conductors are pulled. The patented self-aligning latch and hinge allows for easy one-handed installation and removal without the use of tools. Bushings are made of 105°C-rated PA66 polyamide plastic. The SB series bushing is available for 2-inch through 4-inch trade sizes of rigid/intermediate metal conduit or fittings.

5 Bulldog
Designed by an electrician and built for electricians, the Bulldog Bender is used for bending wire in panels, disconnects, LBs and wireways. The three-piece, all-aluminum manual tool bends cable 500 MCM and smaller. The larger “Big Daddy” model is available for 600–750 MCM. The tools can bend cable directly in enclosures with using an adapter. They are designed to work from both ends. Bulldog Benders are manufactured in the United States.

6 Cree
The IG Series light-emitting diode (LED) parking light fixture provides enhanced, low-glare illumination, 8 percent uplight and high efficiency in a modern, streamlined design. IG lights use Cree WaveMax technology, which reduces glare, eliminates hot spots and helps create more visually comfortable environments by providing more uniform light. WaveMax delivers exceptional optical control to ensure light is delivered to task surfaces and ceilings with a low-ceiling contrast ratio.

7 DeWalt
The 11/8-inch SDS rotary hammer (D25263K) leads a new DeWalt rotary hammer collection. An 8½A high-performance motor delivers 0–1,450 rpm and a BPM of 0–5,350 with 3.0 joules of impact energy. The hammer has three operation modes: drill only, hammer drill and chipping. It also has a rotating brush ring that delivers full power in reverse mode for bit-jam incidents. The shock’s vibration control and vibration-reducing side handle limits vibration.

8 Eaton
The new B-Line series 4-dimension strut system brings improvements in efficiency to support systems for piping, conduit, cable management and duct. Innovative fittings and accessories are designed to create functional replacements for back-to-back strut systems. The system’s multisided functionality yields up to a 50 percent reduction in material
costs, and its trapeze hangers can help reduce installation time by as much
as 50 percent.

9 Eaton
The Kwik Splice cable tray has a patent-pending I-beam design that enables the use of an industry-first two-bolt splice connection that reduces labor by up to 50 percent compared to traditional four-bolt splice connections. In addition to straight sections and fittings, the full system includes an innovative tab-and-lock design trapeze support, side-rail drop-out, conduit-to-tray adapters, and universal fittings designed to help secure and protect cables while saving installation time.

The TA72/74 Universal Flex current probe accessories extend the capabilities of most brands of clamp meters and digital multimeters. The narrow flexible coil clamp can snake around obstacles to simplify current measurements in tight, awkward spots to make inspection and navigation easier and safer. Bright, dual LED work lights provide built-in illumination for poorly lit locations. Coil length is 10 inches on the TA72 and 18 inches for the TA74.

11 Garvin
SSLP set-screw slip couplings are a fast, efficient way to make EMT conduit repairs; remove the damaged piece of conduit, and join dry ends by slipping them into either end of the coupling, firmly bracing the conduits in place and tightening the coupling in place with set screws. Steel slip couplings are available in sizes from 1/2 inch to 4 inches.

12 Garvin
Motion-sensing temporary lights bring the cost savings of occupancy-sensing light control to job sites. This Garvin 105 W compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) temporary light with motion sensor can operate on voltages ranging from 120 to 277V AC. Optimal working heights are from 15 to 40 feet. Efficient CFLs provide bright light over large areas and the motion-sensing capability automatically shuts them off when there is no activity in the work areas.

13 Hilti
The X-Change module X-CM core bit is the first in the market that can be retipped on the job site using only a screwdriver. Replace a worn X-CM module with a new one instead of replacing the entire core bit. This core bit also enables easy removal and fast bit removal in the event a bit becomes stuck. The X-CM module is available in diameters ranging from 2 to 8 inches. One barrel and three X-CM modules are comparable to three complete bits.

14 Juice Bar EV
The juice from this “bar” is electrical power to charge of electric vehicle batteries. The new Mini Bar double charging station combines two Level 2 and four Level 1 charging connections and can be mounted on a pedestal or a wall. It is customizable for branding, sponsors and advertising. Powder-coated steel provides durability. Other Juice Bar models are available with many options and can be programmed to offer free service or charge a fee.

15 Klein Tools
The all-purpose pliers with crimper combine long-nose pliers with wire stripping. It strips, cuts, loops and twists 10 to 18 AWG solid and 12 to 20 AWG stranded wire. The tool easily shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws and crimps noninsulated connectors, lugs and terminals. Dual-material Journeyman handles provide a good gripping surface. The long nose provides extended reach for grabbing and looping wire. It is constructed in the United States with forged steel for maximum durability.

16 Legrand
The steel Wiremold USB Plugmold multioutlet charging system has 15A tamper-proof receptacles in an easy-to-mount, 5-foot strip. Dual-port charging modules share 2.4A of charging capacity and can charge multiple phones, tablets or other mobile devices at the same time. Low-profile design installs in tight locations. Receptacle spacing accommodates bulky AC adapters. Multiple colors and finishes are available.

17 Leviton
The Powerswitch 30A nonfused safety disconnect switch is in a Type-304, nonmagnetic, stainless-steel enclosure for added resistance against bacterial growth and chemical corrosion. It is intended for use in industrial environments that require heavy washdown, such as food and beverage processing operations, factories and plants, and wastewater treatment facilities. The enclosure features a removable side-hinged cover for easy access to the switch.

18 Leviton
Rhino-Hide LZ series multipin connectors are NEMA configured wiring devices with the highest watertight ratings of any device in their class and are suitable for high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down environments. Metallic threaded connections are suited to applications where there is high vibration or cable strain. The aluminum alloys used in these components are treated with finishes that make the devices impervious to corrosion, pitting or seizing.

19 Milwaukee Tool
The M12 LED spotlight with Trueview uses advanced lighting technology to deliver a consistent beam with optimized color temperature that provides true representation of colors and sharp detail. Lightweight at 1.4 lbs. and portable, the light is ideal for close-up work and to spot far-away objects and areas with its 700-yard beam. The rechargeable M12 lithium-ion battery runs for four hours on high or eight hours on low, or in the strobe mode to mark an area for safety.

20 Milwaukee Tool
Season 6 Heated Gear’s 3-in-1 ripstop jacket pairs a heated hoodie with tough Ripstop Shell for warmth, versatility and durability. The hoodie integrates three carbon-fiber heating elements between a water-repellent shell and insulating liner to distribute and maintain heat across core body areas. The insulated Ripstop Shell is wind- and water-resistant. The M12 Redlithium 2.0 battery provides up to eight hours of heat on a single charge.

21 Southwire
The MC-PCS Duo Cable combines power conductors with control/signal/data cables under one armor shield. This all-in-one cable lowers installation costs compared to pulling multiple cables separately. It is available in solid or stranded conductors and is well-suited for use with LED or fluorescent lighting with dimming controls. Circuit identification is on the aluminum or steel armor or PVC jacket. MC-PCS Duo is compliant with UL 1569 and NEC articles 330 and 725.

22 Southwire
The Maintenance Pro data-logging multimeter with color screen, high-resolution display and intuitive menu has a Bluetooth wireless interface for viewing, downloading and sharing data on mobile devices using Southwire’s MApp application, allowing users to monitor the meter from a safe distance. A graphical display shows trends. The device’s memory allows data logging when Bluetooth is not connected. Recordings and measurements are stored in onboard memory.

23 Werner
The Knaack DataVault Mobile is a portable digital work station that brings secure connectivity to all parties involved in a project. DataVault Mobile brings BIM access directly to the job site with onboard monitor and multiproduct adaptability. The vault is compatible with wireless routers and PCs for customization. Various devices at job sites can be synced through wireless and direct connection. Contents are protected from theft and damage by the rugged steel box.

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