Electricians Ranked Best Overall Career Choice of Skilled Trades

By Colleen Beaty | Mar 23, 2022




A March 2022 report from vertical software company ranked electrician as the top career choice among the skilled trades for 2022, citing “good earning potential, excellent job growth prospects and an established industry behind it.”

The report ranked 25 skilled trades based on average annual pay, earning potential, industry size, projected growth and ease of entry (which evaluates education, training and required work experience), while using data from sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the O*NET Database.

“When measuring key factors (pay, industry size, growth, entry requirements), it’s clear that electrical-based professions are the most attractive and lucrative fields to go into,” said Jaclyn Lambert, spokesperson for “This is good news for those already in the field, and for those looking to enter it. If you are an electrician right now in this country, you can rest assured that you will likely have job security and a living wage for the rest of your career. And, if you’re looking to break into electrical work as a skilled trade, then you can rest assured that you’ll also be entering a potential lifetime of prosperity and growth within your future career.”

Electricians were also ranked one of the largest skilled trades in number, with an estimated 656,510 people employed in the trade—second only to carpentry, which employs 699,300. The report noted that a large industry size generally ensures ample support for workers through dedicated professional associations, unions and advocacy groups. Additionally, electricians ranked well in annual pay, with a median annual salary of $56,900, coming in 4th behind landscape architects ($70,630), tapers ($59,450) and interior designers ($57,060).

HVAC mechanics and installers also ranked well at 7th out of the 25 skilled occupations that were evaluated. The report expects growth to be a modest 5%, but at 344,020 workers and $50,590 median annual salary, the industry remains a strong career choice among the trades.

Although solar photovoltaic installers ranked in the middle at 14th out of 25, the report placed them at the top for future demand. It is a relatively new and small industry, employing only 11,490, but growing rapidly with a projected 52% increase in jobs by 2030.

“Unfortunately, there is a growing shortage of skilled trade workers, and electrical workers are no exception to the rule,” Lambert said. “Hopefully, word can get out there about how great some of these skilled trade professions are, and in turn, end the labor shortage.”

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