Building a Safer Jobsite with Innovation

By May 20, 2024
Hilti BX 4-22 battery-powered nailer
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Amidst a skilled labor shortage and rising costs, achieving efficiency and safety with a lean workforce is crucial. But you don’t have to sacrifice power for the health and safety of you and your crew.

Business leaders in the construction industry face significant challenges when it comes to maintaining safety standards. In 2021, the construction industry accounted for 46.2% of all reported fatal falls, slips and trips.1 Furthermore, preventable falls remain the leading cause of work-related deaths in construction, accounting for more than one in three of the total number of fatalities in the industry.2

The pressures on electrical contractors to help identify and reduce jobsite safety issues and address work-related health concerns has never been greater. Amidst a skilled labor shortage and rising costs, achieving efficiency and safety with a lean workforce is crucial. But you don’t have to sacrifice power for the health and safety of you and your crew.

Safety-forward technology

Tackling the ongoing challenges facing the construction industry is foremost for Hilti, where they continue to develop and test game-changing products that are revolutionizing safety and productivity. Cue Hilti’s new BX 4-22 battery-powered nailer, keeping you one step ahead on the jobsite with cloud-connected features and services from the Nuron battery platform. This cutting-edge addition to Hilti’s Nuron-powered offerings not only provides users with productivity gains, but also brings new safety upgrades to the jobsite.

Hilti BX 4-22 battery-powered nailer

Lower recoil and near dust-free

The BX 4-22 features lower recoil for less user fatigue and virtually no dust, helping to protect you and your workers from inhaling harmful particles. With significantly less kickback, this tool helps make for an easier and safer user experience.

Helps to eliminate working at heights

Compatible pole tools and a comfort handle allow workers to easily access tight spaces and safely perform suspended applications such as wire hanging from the floor—without needing to use lifts or platforms, which can add risk to the user.

No powder, no gas

Powered by Nuron, the BX 4-22 brings ultimate performance on the cordless platform—so you and your workers can get the job done without the health hazards, maintenance, costs and user certifications associated with powder-actuated fastening. 

Noise reduction paired with enhanced power

Beyond protecting workers, sound transmission within buildings becomes an important consideration, especially in healthcare settings. Patient privacy, procedures, comfort and recuperation may be compromised when noise travels from adjacent spaces. The BX 4-22 is less noisy than its powder-actuated counterparts, making it an ideal cordless nailer for use cases in occupied buildings.

While a quieter nailer, its performance comes without compromise. A powerhouse for productivity, the new BX 4-22 Cordless nailer can shoot up to 1,000 nails per hour and offers up to 10% more power than previous generations, allowing workers higher productivity without pausing. With a power adjustment tailored to help enhance fastening to concrete and steel, this tool accommodates nails up to 39 mm (15/8 inches) in length, addressing previously unmet needs for this application.

Integrated features

Keep your jobsites running more safely and efficiently while reducing unnecessary downtime with the help of the BX 4-22’s built-in features like an integrated motion sensor, two-step nail refill indicator, LED light and two belt hooks for added convenience. It’s also equipped with a modular magazine to help ensure a wide application range, improving accessibility into deep-leg tracks through an angled design with a new support leg configuration. 


Like all Nuron tools, the BX 4-22 comes equipped with a shock-absorbing bungee-style tether, which helps to reduce the risk of falls, potential damage to the tool, injury to workers and slowdowns on the job. Designed for use with Hilti tools, Hilti tool tethers are backed by testing that goes beyond current industry standards.

Protect your workforce and your bottom line

Running a safer and healthier jobsite is not only better for your on-site workforce—it’s better for your bottom line. Business leaders who take an active role in executing effective safety strategies can expect a more engaged workforce, which leads to quicker adoption that can measurably reduce injuries and downtime.

Health and safety concerns are at the forefront of our innovation. Electrical contractors can count on Hilti to help them boost productivity without compromising safe, reliable and speedy results. Discover everything Hilti has to offer to help keep your jobsites safer and more efficient.

Discover Nuron.


1 “Construction deaths due to falls, slips, and trips increased 5.9 percent in 2021”


2 “The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Construction Statistics”





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