2023 NECA Showstopper Winners

By Holly Sauer | Jan 15, 2024
2023 NECA Showstopper Winners
The 25 tools, equipment and software winners of the NECA 2023 Showstopper award epitomized innovation. There were 174 entries in the Showstopper Showcase at NECA 2023 Philadelphia. 




The 25 tools, equipment and software winners of the NECA 2023 Showstopper award epitomized innovation. There were 174 entries in the Showstopper Showcase at NECA 2023 Philadelphia. The judges, all industry professionals, had much to say on the products’ designs, safety and more. 

Sponsored by ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine, the NECA Showstopper Awards program is the longest-running event of its kind in the industry. The winners are listed alphabetically by manufacturer, and the descriptions are based on information provided by those companies.

1. ABB Installation Products

ABB T&B Fittings Stainless Dome Drain

Unlike designs requiring standing water of up to ½ inch before draining, T&B Fittings stainless dome drains have slotted threads and locknut irrigation for instant drainage from conduit or enclosures with an optional screen preventing contaminants from clogging. Engineered from 316 stainless steel for hygiene and corrosion-resistance, it’s IEC IP-56 rated with all-rounded components for 360-degree cleanability and water run-off, helping eliminate buildup of moisture and microbes.

2. American Polywater Corp.

American Polywater

The Polywater PHPS core drill/sleeve seal features segmented ring technology, simplifying the process of accommodating various outside diameter pipe sizes within a single core drilled hole opening. With this seal, one unit is sufficient for any hole size you core drill or sleeve, making it a convenient inventory item. It minimizes labor, installation time and errors by employing seals with a “link” style design. It has segmented rings that enable on-site adjustments for individual pipe diameters. It is useful for smaller pipes or multiple pipe ODs covered by a single seal. It ensures gas and water tightness and is available in sizes fitting 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch openings. Installation reliability is affirmed by a built-in inspection opening for visual and tangible reassurance. One judge commented, ”Great product. You don't need to count links.”

3. Arlington Industries

Arlington Split Grnd Bushing

Arlington’s listed 550 series split grounding bushings deliver convenience and time savings. The split design allows the installation of a bushing on conduit after the conductors are installed. It allows easy installation on threaded or unthreaded Rigid/IMC, and it is compatible with 2½-inch to 4-inch EMT and EMT-threaded fittings. Multiple sizes ship assembled.

4. Atkore

Atkore Unistrut GantryAtkore Unistrut Sliding GateAtkore Unistrut Hoist
Atkore Unistrut Sliding Door ApplicationAtkore UnistrutAtkore Unistrut Gantry

Unistrut introduced six new products that help Atkore’s Trolley system cover a much larger range of applications including heavy-duty, festoons, hoists, gantry systems, sliding doors and panels and more. Combined with current products, Unistrut can be a single source for both trolley and support systems. A judge said, "It's the bomb!"

5. Brady Corp.


The M511 label printer is optimized for larger, 1½-inch-wide labeling and clearer edge-to-edge communication. Connecting to up to five devices at a time, the M511 supports industrial and lab applications with the ability to design and print labels with a phone or PC. It is built to last all day. It resists 6-foot drops and 250 lb. crushes and has military-grade shock-resistance.

6. Ericson Manufacturing Co.

Ericson Manufacturing work lights

Ericson’s 1000 and 1001 industrial magnetic-mount, LED-canopy work light provides 6,450 and 3,500 lumens. It is powered with 110–277V, with a 90-minute emergency back-up. It works for 1.5 hours in damp environments.

7. Fluke Corp.

Fluke 2062 tracer kit Showstoppers

The Fluke 2062 advanced pro wire tracer kit locates energized and de-energized wires quickly and accurately in walls, ceilings and floors. The smart sensor finds and displays energized wires on the color display. It enables users to find breaks, opens and shorts and identify breakers and fuses easily. It includes the i400 AC current clamp accessory for inducing a tracing signal on the cable when there is no access to bare conductors. It’s designed to protect users from the most dangerous levels of transient overvoltage, spikes up to 8,000V, that can occur in industrial and utility environments.

8. Greenlee Tools Inc.

Greenlee 3-in-1 dual-shoe hand bender

Greenlee’s patent-pending 3-in-1 dual-shoe hand bender delivers precise, quality bends on three sizes of conduit with one tool. The only dual-groove hand bender on the market, it lets electricians bend more while carrying less with its 2-in-1 shoe design for ease of use and efficiency. Control, stability and leverage are optimized for more effortless operation thanks to its large foot pedal and wider base. New inner-shoe angle markings make it simple to see measurements when bending shoe-up, SITE-RITE enhances visibility in low light settings and cutting is made easier with its integrated conduit holder. ”It's lightweight and it eliminates the need for two tools,” said one of the judges.

9. Gripple Inc.

Gripple UG6 Hangers

The newest addition to Gripple’s UniGrip hanger range is the UniGrip 6, the only single-channel cable fastener on the market capable of accommodating 6-mm (¼-inch) cable and boasting an 800-lb. safe working load per hanger. This now allows the trapezing of heavy-duty duct and multitier piping runs with cable hangers. As a secure and much less labor-intensive alternative to suspending with threaded rod, Gripple cable hanger kits come ready-to-use, with no tools needed to install.

10. Hubbell Inc.

Hubbell ParkPost outdoor power enclosure

The free-standing ParkPost outdoor power enclosure provides outdoor power with a unique slide cover. The stylish design is suitable for prominent locations rather than being hidden away. Heavy-duty, UV-resistant polycarbonate with molded-in color provides enhanced durability. It can be used occasionally or left plugged in for continuous weatherproof protection. It accommodates two power cords, including most 16-gauge grounded extension cords, and includes adapters to fit standard duplex, decorator, GFCI or single round receptacles. It is available in a choice of gray, white or bronze to coordinate with the outdoor environment.

11. iTOOLco

iToolCo bender

The new B2 rapid fire bender accepts ½– to 2-inch EMT, IMC and Rigid conduit, without the need to change shoes. The bender shoe will recognize what type of conduit is in the machine and adjust accordingly. It also features a hydraulic load bar that easily locks your conduit into the “ready to bend position” with the push of a button. The “B2 detents slide” enables users to set the desired spring-back once for the type of conduit they’re working with and then move between desired detents while keeping the previously determined spring-back. The B2 detents are set to the standard 15, 22½, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees for precision rapid bending. Both the cordless and corded models are four times faster than conventional benders. Judges were impressed by the fact that it’s cordless, portable and a time-saver—“the speed of bend is great” and the “same shoes do different conduit sizes.”

12. Keystone Technologies

Keystone Technologies Mistik RGBW wall washer

The Keystone Mistik RGBW linear wall washer combines the beauty and range of RGBW light with the simplicity of the SmartLoop wireless lighting system to create easy-to-use, flexible and vibrant specialty lighting. It enables everyone to bring the full spectrum of colors to any exterior. Installation is easy—just plug and play—and users can link up to 40 fixtures in a daisy-chain connection. Programming is equally simple. Bluetooth connectivity makes for reliable outdoor connections, and with the SmartLoop app, color selection and scheduling are a snap. The wall washer is also compatible with DMX512 and RDM.

13. Klein Tools Inc.

Klein Tools 11-in-1 multibit screwdriver

The 11-in-1 impact-rated multibit screwdriver/nut driver multitool brings a new-to-world design to a classic 11-in-1 screwdriver. Each component is compatible with an impact driver, as well as with the included screwdriver handle, eliminating the need to carry separate power tool accessories. The tool houses seven popular tips and converts to four nut driver sizes. It’s the familiar feel of a multibit screwdriver, with the added utility to complete any job.

14. Light Efficient Design

Light Efficient Design BreezeEV charger

BreezEV, the electrical contractor’s one source for EVSE solutions, presents the S48 Level 2 charger. Simply plug in and charge all EV makes and models. No internet connection or software is required. Amperage is selectable to 48A, 40A, 32A or 24A. Pedestals and mounting options are all made in the United States. It includes a bracket for mounting to a wall or breezEV pedestal; 18-foot cable with J1772 or NACS connector; incoming power cord with NEMA 14-50 plug, holster and cable hook; and built-in GFCI for safe and easy wiring. It has a three-year warranty and is sold through reputable electrical distributors.

15. Leviton Mfg. Co. Inc.

Leviton Decora Edge wiring devices

Leviton’s Decora Edge wiring devices provide the classic appearance and performance of Decora devices in a new, easier-to-install, safer design. The line consists of single-pole and three-way switches and a tamper-resistant 15A duplex receptacle. Innovative installation features include color-coded lever terminals (including the ground terminal) for faster, efficient wiring, a larger strap with a unique tongue-and-groove alignment feature for quicker trim out on multigang installations, and no exposed metal parts for safety. It is useful for new home construction and MDU projects as well as retrofit applications.

16. Lutron Electronics

Lutron Pico paddle remote

The Pico paddle remote enables users to add a second “switch” almost anywhere without cutting holes or pulling wire. The new paddle style matches the familiar look, feel and user experience of the Diva smart dimmer and other paddle-style dimmers and switches throughout the home. This paddle remote works with the Caseta, RadioRA3 and Homeworks lighting control systems.

17. Mag Daddy

Mag Daddy Magnetic Standoff

Experience the future of PCB mounting with Mag Daddy’s Magnetic Standoffs. These standoffs provide a secure and versatile solution for mounting circuit boards, power supplies and more without the need for screws or fasteners. The powerful magnets ensure a firm hold while allowing for easy repositioning and adjustments. Say goodbye to cumbersome installations and hello to effortless enclosure customization. Users will have a reliable, simplified, tool-free mounting experience. A judge called this “innovative.”

18. Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool M18 Force Logic single-channel strut shear

The M18 Force Logic single-channel strut shear is the most productive way to shear strut on the job site. Using Milwaukee’s proprietary shearing dies, the strut shear delivers square, clean shears without additional filing or deburring. The integrated strut support plate offers a quick 4-in./10-cm measurement offset for simple, repeatable shears, increasing productivity on-site. The strut shear’s dual die design eliminates exposed blades and reduces the chance of cut and laceration injuries on job sites. It offers versatility, allowing users to easily shear on any flat surface or chain vice at the point of installation around the job site. The integrated tri-stand chain vice mount allows seamless integration into any brand chain vice to keep users productive. Featuring Milwaukee One-Key technology, users can view tool usage, receive notifications for recommended maintenance and lock the tool out for added security to protect their investment. The judges said it has “fast guts” and is “good for shop and prefab work.”

19. nVent ERICO

nVent ERICO lay-in hammerlock ground clamp

The lay-in hammerlock ground clamp provides an easy-to-install mechanical connection for grounding conductors to ground rods. A low-resistance connection is possible through the highly conductive copper design. Eliminating the need to feed conductors through the connector allows for ease of use. The connector’s rugged design ensures high-level performance, regardless of harsh environments. Installation of the lay-in hammerlock ground clamp is made simple, whether tapping into an existing grounding grid or installing new conductors on ground rods. Lay-in capability eliminates the need to feed or cut conductors during installation, and it can be used for new installations or adding to existing grounding grids. A judge commented, "It's a 10!"

20. Orbit Industries Inc.

Orbit Industries slab-on-grade adjustable platform

Streamline Cast Floor Box installation with the slab-on-grade adjustable platform (SOG-AP), a versatile solution designed to enhance the power and data installation of various cast, steel and PVC floor boxes within concrete floors or slab-on-grade constructions. SOG-AP can be used with EMT conduit or rebar. This innovative platform is equipped with Orbit’s patented set-screw conduit locking connectors, allowing for a quick adjustment with pre-cut ½-inch EMT pipe. It simplifies the installation process, ensuring precise leveling for convenient adaptability. It is BAA-compliant, patented, made in the United States and UL-listed. The judges were unanimously impressed with this product.

21. Production Products Inc.

Production Products Strut Pro automated strut-forming machine

The Strut Pro automated strut-forming machine allows contractors to produce 15/8- and 13/16-inch strut in-house at up to 1,000 feet per hour for a significantly lower cost than from a supplier. Rather than wasting time and material saw cutting sticks of strut, the Strut Pro can be programmed to produce cut-to-length strut from 6 to 240 inches. Smart punch technology allows the operator to select from punch slots in the entire length of the strut, the ends only or no slots at all. The machine is adjustable to accommodate 12- and 14-gauge material. The judges agreed this would be useful in a large prefab shop.

22. Rack-a-Tiers Mfg. Inc.

Rack-A-Tiers XL

Not just a wire spool holder, the Rack-A-Tiers XL is also a work bench, sawhorse and pipe vise. This portable wire dispenser is 22 inches tall and 13 inches wide, which means it’s rated for reels up to 40 inches (1 m) in size and weights up to 500 lbs. (226 kg). Waterproof and rustproof, the XL electrical wire dispenser is made of the same ultra-durable, high-density polyethylene structural foam as the original. The wire dispenser is made of two pieces that snap together for easy transportation. When interlocked, the three handles make it easy to carry. The handles and pipe holes allow users to also use the Rack XL as a pipe or conduit carrier.

23. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Square D QO plug-on neutral load center

Turn any home into a smart home using the Square D QO plug-on neutral load center with smart relays and Wiser Energy home power monitor. It customizes only the loads that need smart control, rather than making all loads smart. Once a QO panel is installed, a homeowner can add the smart relays and Wiser Energy monitor later as needs evolve. To make a home battery-ready, add a QO main and QO sub. To make it EV-ready, install a QO panel now and save space for a two-pole, 50A breaker in the panel for later. This cost-effective QO Plug-on Neutral smart panel solution can help homeowners reduce energy costs by monitoring and managing energy consumption from their phone. Individual relays can be swapped without having to replace the entire load center. Users can automate which loads to power on in a power outage and extend the life of any battery backup system.

24. SP Products

SP Products EZ stub-up support bracket

The EZ stub-up support bracket supports and secures multiple conduits with brackets and Unistrut at a single stub-up location. Assemble with 1-, 2- and 3-foot strut lengths, depending on the width of cabinet lengths needed for multiple stub ups up to 1.25 size conduits. Elongated slots and multiple holes help secure conduits with straps and bolt them to the bracket for multiple applications. It comes in 16-gauge galvanized steel and is made in the United States.

25. StructShare

StructShare GenAI

The new GenAI application provides intelligent quote comparison for specialty contractors. This innovation seamlessly organizes all the quotes in a single screen and provides a recommendation of the best PO combination, according to multiple factors such as price and lead time to allow easy decision-making and smart selection of line items. The full workflow enables users to easily create RFQs from requisition and bill-of-materials and send it to multiple suppliers with a single click, saving significant time and preventing manual error.

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