Two Reports Highlight 2022 Smart Building Predictions

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Jan 27, 2022

Because of numerous, recent, high-profile hacks, cyber security is a concern for smart building developers, contractors and owners. “Cybersecurity in Smart Buildings,” a report from British software company amBX, states cybersecurity is one of the largest barriers to smart buildings,. The writers recommend working “together to minimize the risk, adopt commonly agreed best practice approaches and standards” for governing IoT devices.

Risk of cyberattacks increases as more internet of things (IoT) components are connected to the internet, and, according to amBX, 57% of IoT devices are susceptible to medium- or high-severity attacks. Facility executives will have to provide new solutions to protect their buildings that do not hamper the seamless, fully connected building experience that users expect.

Research firm Verdantix, New York, issued a report—“Ten Predictions for Smart Building Technology in 2022 and Beyond”—that states cybersecurity has been commonly overlooked, and building owners have often chosen cybersecurity solutions with only functionality and usability in mind.

Both reports highlight a focus on net-zero building strategies. Verdantix reported that COVID-19-related challenges, such as missed rental payments, have taken many landlords’ focuses away from net-zero goals. In 2022, landlords are predicted to plan how they will meet their net-zero pledges with a focus on electrification, carbon offsetting and energy-efficiency investments.

The amBX report also predicts a greater emphasis on employee well-being, energy management strategies becoming commonplace and more. Tenants and employees who want to work in a more sustainable environment are pressuring landlords to upgrade their buildings. Verdantix also predicts commercial landlords will try to differentiate their buildings and attract new tenants by working toward green building certifications such as LEED and WELL. Other trends the Verdantix writers foresee include increasing flex space investments, artificial intelligence’s value for energy and maintenance optimization software and smart cities.

The amBX report provides some tips for improving cybersecurity, including ensuring usernames and passwords are changed regularly, installing IoT devices without their default settings and only giving building stakeholders access to the information to do their jobs.

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