The Advantages of Champion Fiberglass® Products for Industrial Electrical Systems

By May 1, 2023
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Discover How Champion Duct®, Elbows and Strut™ Provide Superior Performance and Cost Savings for Data Centers and Utilities




Electrical engineers and contractors continuously seek innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of large-scale industrial construction projects. As the backbone of electrical infrastructure, electrical conduit and strut supports play a vital role in safeguarding cabling and ensuring the reliability of an electrical system. Champion Fiberglass has emerged as a leader in this space, offering a range of high-performance conduit, elbow and strut products that deliver significant benefits over traditional materials such as PVC SCH 40, PVC SCH 80, GRC and PVC-coated steel.

The key advantages of Champion Fiberglass Elbows, Duct® and Strut™

Lightweight: Nonmetallic fiberglass conduit, elbows and strut are engineered with a lightweight yet robust design that facilitates faster and more efficient installation. The ease of handling significantly reduces labor time and costs, while the lighter weight contributes to lower shipping costs than other types of conduit and strut.
Strength: In manufacturing fiberglass conduit, the company’s proprietary high-speed winding process and high temperature curing ovens are key to the strength, consistency and quality of our products, ensuring long-term endurance and mechanical protection for cables. Additionally, Champion Strut incorporates a flange design that maximizes strength permitting greater pull-out force and torquing of accessories.

Durability: The fiberglass epoxy resin used in Champion Fiberglass products ensures long-term corrosion resistance. Champion Strut™ and Duct® are resistant to many chemicals, UV rays and flames. The unique material composition contributes to lower maintenance requirements and extended service life, yielding substantial cost savings over time. Champion Strut’s epoxy resin strength offers durable, corrosion-resistant support to stabilize heavy piping and conduit at lower installation and material costs than traditional strut support systems.

No Burn-Through Elbows: Champion Fiberglass elbows are resistant to burn-through, thereby eliminating the time and costs of conduit repairs. They offer a low coefficient of friction and ease of pulling that encourages faster, smoother pulls with less labor time, cost and risk. Additionally, they are cable fault resistant for easy cable replacement. Safety: Champion Fiberglass conduit has a dielectric strength of 550V with our XW wall thickness of 0.25 inches and can carry transmission lines up to 125 kV (or more if wall thickness is increased). Furthermore, the non-conductive properties of fiberglass promote safety for workers during the installation process.

Availability: Live online inventory counts, as well as same or next-day shipping availability, add to the convenience of using Champion Strut.

Case studies: The benefits of Champion Fiberglass products illustrated in projects

Data center project 

In this data center project, the contractor faced challenges in terms of tight deadlines and a demanding installation process. Quick connections allowed for an expedited solution with an impressive installation time that allowed the contractor to stay on schedule and within budget.

Edwardsport IGCC Power Plant 

The Edwardsport IGCC Power Plant required a robust and cost-effective electrical infrastructure to support its complex operations. Champion Fiberglass conduit and elbows provided low coefficient of friction that allowed for project efficiencies and no bonding that reduced labor costs, saving millions of dollars on this project. 

Reagan National Airport pier lighting

For this project, Champion Strut provided a corrosion-resistant support solution in a harsh coastal environment. For an installation along a runway pier over brackish water, Champion Strut offered extreme corrosion resistance and strength, lightweight for easy installation and cost savings over metal strut systems.

A turnkey electrical conduit system solution

Champion Fiberglass conduit, strut and elbows represent a game-changing solution for electrical engineers and contractors working on large industrial construction projects. Their lightweight nature, exceptional durability, ease of installation and outstanding safety features make them an ideal choice for projects requiring reliable and cost-effective electrical infrastructure components.

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