Redefining Hydraulic Solutions for the Electrical Contractor

By Jun 10, 2024
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Hydraulic tools can be a sizable up-front investment. With Hilti, these solutions are accessible and affordable. 

When we think of hydraulic-powered tools, it’s often their pain points that first come to mind. Supply chain limitations and repair times, which can span several weeks, make downtime an unavoidable obstacle that comes with hydraulic use.

To try and combat this, organizations will often over purchase hydraulic tools—sometimes buying more than twice as many units than their business needs—so they can have equipment on standby when tools have to be shipped off for inevitable maintenance. While seemingly maximizing operations, overinflated tool cribs still require extensive time, maintenance and monetary investments to coordinate.

The drawbacks of hydraulic-powered tools have historically disrupted jobsite productivity, and construction organizations are looking to industry-leading providers to introduce new innovations that alleviate these challenges while enhancing operational efficiency.

Hydraulic tools can be a sizable up-front investment. With Hilti, these solutions are accessible and affordable. Through Hilti’s Tool Fleet Management program, contractors can utilize Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) to access the latest tools and technologies that boost productivity on the jobsite. 

Tool Fleet Management replaces extensive up-front costs and unpredictable maintenance requirements with a flat, monthly rate that covers repairs, upkeep and replacements. EaaS can help organizations optimize their tool crib while Tools-On-Demand, Hilti’s solution to combat ineffective equipment purchasing can be used to reduce costs and improve overall productivity.

Hilti NUN 54-22 crimper

Hydraulic tools without compromise

As a productivity partner to its customers, Hilti is dedicated to not only enhancing jobsite efficiency, but setting new standards for innovation and performance. Hilti’s continued commitment to expanding its tool portfolio to cover all applications is showcased by the launch of ten new battery-powered tools within its hydraulics portfolio—servicing electrical contractors at all experience levels to bring them a safer, simpler and more efficient work environment.

These solutions, all of which operate on Hilti’s interchangeable, all-on-one Nuron battery platform, offer newfound flexibility on jobsites. From cordless crimpers and cutters to powerful knockout tools, every Nuron-powered tool can operate on the same 22V platform to minimize equipment requirements and cut out jobsite inefficiencies without compromising power tool performance.

Hilti’s expanding hydraulic portfolio has solutions for low-, mid-, high- and extra-high-voltage cable management applications, bringing enhanced productivity to electricians, overhead utility contractors and various other professions in the field.

Maximize productivity, save time

Manual application methods can require prepping, cutting and terminating cables, which all take time. With cordless hydraulic systems like Hilti’s, customers can save time at every stage of the installation process. Automated functionalities make cable preparation easier and faster, while long-lasting Nuron batteries and high-quality cutters, crimpers and knockout tools improve efficiency.

And for conduit-sized hole punching, the NPU 100-22 Cordless knockout punch tool’s auto-retract feature can detect punch completion. Once the punch is completed, Hilti’s NPU 100-22 automatically resets the ram, saving you time and helping to extend the life of your punching dies by helping to minimize unnecessary wear and tear. Versatile in its applications, the NPU 100-22 can punch holes in mild and stainless steel, as well as aluminum and plastic, catering to various prep and installation requirements.

Capitalize on ease-of-use

A shrinking and aging construction workforce creates additional challenges to meet deadlines and stay within budget, making press tools an increasing necessity to complete jobs quickly. Hydraulic solutions like Hilti’s NUN 54-22 Cordless 6-Ton cable crimper and cutter give autonomy to less skilled trade workers, not just those with decades of experience, to efficiently tackle cable management tasks and help reduce labor hours. Its versatility to handle a wide range of cable sizes and materials, paired with intuitive operation and ergonomic design, provide maximum performance with the simplicity of having one tool.

For heavier-duty applications, the NCR 120-22 12-Ton crimper provides the power and performance to tackle your jobsite’s extra-large crimping needs. Its leading, 3rd-party-tested crimping quality is ideal for crimping copper and aluminum conductors, insulated cable lugs, fine-stranded conductors and compression connectors up to 400 mm², depending on the application and material.

Hilti NCR 120-22 12-ton crimper

Expedited repairs, reduced downtime

Hydraulic solutions are known for their maintenance challenges, requiring hard-to-find parts that are expensive to manage. These issues can be traced back to the industry’s limited supply chain. Hilti’s dedication to setting a new standard starts at the foundation—operating its own global supply chain to reduce the time required for repairs and upkeep.

With their supply chain solution making parts more easily accessible, Hilti can reduce the industry’s standard 4- to 8-week repair turnaround times to as little as 3–5 days. In addition to expedited timelines for repairs and maintenance, Tool Fleet Management customers can also receive replacement tools to use while their equipment is being worked on. This added efficiency saves valuable time for contractors. It helps to ensure that projects stay on track by equipping the jobsite with backup tools, virtually eliminating the risk of prolonged downtime. 

Hilti's commitment to efficiency doesn't mean compromising on quality. Rather, Hilti enhances the repair experience with white-glove service. This comprehensive approach includes detailed diagnostics, precise repairs, and free tool inspection services, helping to ensure that each tool is restored to peak performance before it leaves a Hilti repair center. Additionally, customers can experience additional perks, such as oil top-off, before the tool is returned. This attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction set Hilti apart, offering peace of mind and confidence in its repair transactions.

Sidestep overstocked tool cribs

Construction solutions should be just that—solutions. Hilti’s broad portfolio of equipment and software offerings can be paired to give your business the flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of your jobsites without having under-utilized assets on the backburner.

The era of overstocked tool cribs is over. Learn how Hilti’s Nuron-powered tools and Fleet Management solutions promote productivity on your jobsites.





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