Graybar Program Enables Customers to Track Shipments

Graybar, a distributor of electrical and communications products and related supply chain management and logistics services, launched Graybar Delivery Advantage, a mobile resource management system that tracks and documents deliveries made by Graybar drivers.

“The Graybar Delivery Advantage allows us to streamline our drivers’ time and their routes, resulting in more deliveries per route,” said Dennis Grousosky, Graybar vice president of service.

The tracking system provides customers valuable details on incoming deliveries made by Graybar drivers, including expected delivery date and time, an electronic image of customer’s signature for proof of delivery, an electronic image of delivery, and an aerial map of delivery location.

“We are constantly evaluating ways to use technology to improve our productivity,” Grousosky said. And technology, it seems, is the key in this system.

Graybar drivers use mobile phones to optimize the system. They gather the delivery information using their phones enabled with Xora GPS TimeTrack service. Once the service captures the delivery information, it is available immediately to Graybar customer service. Graybar customers can contact their customer service representative to request the detailed information per delivery. For electrical contractors, this means always knowing where your products are.

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