Brother Mobile Solutions' PocketJet 7 Mobile Thermal Printer

Brother Mobile Solutions Inc.’s PocketJet 7 mobile thermal printer is a full-page mobile-printing solution that uses Freedom Architecture for software compatibility. It works with smartphones, tablets and PCs built on iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile operating systems. It prints up to eight pages per minute and has an anticurl mechanism to produce flat documents with legible, fade-resistant printing from the roll of thermal paper stored inside. It has has a smart roll case and four customized kits for specialized applications are available: the Basic Kit, which is the essential starter package for the mobile professional who prints from a laptop or PC; the Workforce Kit designed for day-to-day use by the typical mobile professional or field workforce; the Vehicle Kit can be vehicle-mounted and vehicle-powered; and the Developer’s Kit for application or software developers.

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  • Printer

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