What Else Should a Manager Know?

When the project is finished, the installer should present the project manager a book or flash drive of test results along with a summary in the documentation package on the cable plant. The manager must review the data and decide if the installation was done properly. Do you know how to analyze the data and make that decision?

1. Test data on a fiber optic cable plant should include data on ______.

Correct Answer: Every fiber in every cable

2. Required tests on fiber optic cable plants should include ______.

Correct Answer: All of the above

3. Insertion loss data taken with an optical loss test set or light source and power meter should be compared to ______ to confirm if the fiber passes testing.

Correct Answer: The loss budget calculated for fibers in that cable

4. What is a reasonable maximum decibel (dB) loss acceptable for a joint with two SC or LC connectors?

Correct Answer: 0.5 dB

5. OTDR data on short fiber optic cables may be unreliable.

Correct Answer: True

6. Connectors inspected with a microscope should be rejected if there are scratches or damage ______.

Correct Answer: Anywhere on the fiber core

7. If all fibers in one cable show high loss and cable damage near the connector on the end is suspected, ______ tests should be used to locate the damage.

Correct Answer: Visual fault locator

8. Cables longer than 10 kilometers designed for networks faster than 10 gigabits per second should be tested for ______, a test suite called fiber characterization.

Correct Answer: All of the above

9. Single-mode connector measurements by OTDRs should include reflectance as well as loss when judging whether they pass or fail.

Correct Answer: True

10. Fibers that fail acceptance testing should be ______.

Correct Answer: Repaired so they pass the tests