What Does ‘Certification’ Mean?

The term “certification” is used often in the workplace, especially with technology. What does certification mean, and who does the certifying? When is it required? How well do you understand certification? Take this quiz and get certified (just kidding!).

1. An industry-recognized certification is verification of an individual’s _____ in a specific skill set.

Correct Answer: All of the above

2. Certifications offered must be approved or accredited by _____.

Correct Answer: No approval or accreditation is required

2. Certifications are created and issued by the _____.

Correct Answer: Issuing body

4. Certifying an individual is equivalent to licensing in most states.

Correct Answer: False

5. Besides individuals, _____ can be certified.

Correct Answer: Practically anything

6. A certified fiber optic cable installation means _____.

Correct Answer: There is no single definition for certifying fiber optic cable plants

7. A certified Cat 6 cable installation means it _____.

Correct Answer: Has been installed and tested to meet industry standards

8. Professional associations offer certifications in a particular technology, while manufacturers generally offer certifications only to companies or individuals recognized to install their products.

Correct Answer: True

9. Employers regularly use certifications as selection criteria for _____.

Correct Answer: All of the above

10. When choosing a certification, select one that _____.

Correct Answer: Is widely recognized in the industry