What Do You Know About Plants?

The construction of a fiber optic cable plant is a complicated process that often involves heavy equipment, rights of way and avoiding other utilities. How well do you know the processes involved in fiber optic cable plant construction?

1. The manager or contractor should always ______ before starting a fiber optic construction project.

Correct Answer: Familiarize themselves with the route of the construction

2. The best installation technique involves no construction. Underground ducts that are already filled may be usable for new cables using this new technology.

Correct Answer: All of the above

3. Approximately ______ construction incidents per year in the United States and Canada involved damage to underground utilities.

Correct Answer: 440,000

4. Before any actual construction activity begins, the contractor must ______ underground utilities.

Correct Answer: Call 811 “Call Before You Dig” to locate

5. Even with data on the location of underground utilities, it may be necessary to use location techniques such as radiodetection or ground-penetrating radar to locate underground utilities.

Correct Answer: True

6. When considering the likelihood of damaging underground utilities, what is the most dangerous construction method for underground fiber optic cables?

Correct Answer: Both are equally dangerous

7. Microtrenching refers to an underground construction method that ______.

Correct Answer: Saws a groove in a roadway or sidewalk to install a cable

8. Installing fiber optic cables in sewers ______.

Correct Answer: Can be done by robots

9. “Dig Once” means whenever construction for installing one fiber optic cable is done, installing multiple ducts for cables will save the cost of construction when they are needed in the future.

Correct Answer: True

10. What type of aerial cable can be installed over long spans without requiring a metallic messenger cable?

Correct Answer: ADSS cable