Special Deliverables

Many aspects of a fiber optic project concern a manager, but the ultimate issue is the “deliverables”—the final information that must be provided to prove the project is complete and installation was done properly. How familiar are you with the deliverables of a fiber optic installation project?

1. A fiber optic installation project is “finished” when _______.

Correct Answer: All of the above

2. The final sign-off of a fiber optic network should not be done until a knowledgeable person working for the customer has reviewed all the parts of the project and agreed that the installation was done properly.

Correct Answer: True

3. The documentation of the cable plant should be started _______.

Correct Answer: At the beginning of the design phase

4. The document created by the customer that defines the network they expect to be installed is _______.

Correct Answer: Scope of work (SOW)

5. A well-written _______ is more important to the success of a fiber optic project than any other part of the contracting process.

Correct Answer: SOW

6. Testing on a newly installed premises cable plant is different than an outside plant cable plant. You should not expect _______.

Correct Answer: OTDR traces for every fiber

7. Loss tests for each fiber should be compared to _______.

Correct Answer: Loss budgets calculated during the design phase

8. Loss budgets should be used as the maximum limits for pass or fail on test results.

Correct Answer: False

9. High speed, long distances and wavelength division multiplexing should require special testing called _______.

Correct Answer: Fiber characterization

10. One of the most important uses for documentation is _______.

Correct Answer: Helping troubleshoot the problems during cable plant restoration