Select the Proper Materials

Proper material selection has never been more critical for electrical needs with power over ethernet installations increasing and fire alarm cabling protecting life and property. You also need to know how to install safely.

1. According to life safety requirements, when cables penetrate through fire-rated walls separating rooms, what must be done?

Correct Answer: Seal penetration with approved fire caulking

2. Cables used within plenums must be coated with fire-retardant coatings such as Teflon and must be rated for use in environmental spaces for air circulation in HVAC systems in buildings.

Correct Answer: True

3. Emergency lighting that relies on battery power must have a functional test performed annually for a period of at least ______.

Correct Answer: 1 ½ hour

4. Where “maintenance of illumination” is required when changing from one power source to another, the maximum delay shall be not more than ______ seconds.

Correct Answer: 10

5. The proper fire extinguisher to use on a grease/oil fire would be a Class ______ extinguisher.

Correct Answer: D

6. Self-retracting lanyards that limit free fall distance to 2 feet or less must be able to sustain at a minimum ______ pounds of force applied to the device.

Correct Answer: 3,000

7. As part of a fall-arrest system, a safety net that is installed up to 5 feet below a horizontal plane of the working level must extend out a minimum of ______ feet and be constructed using materials that are resistant to UV deterioration.

Correct Answer: 8

8. When is an employer required to review the emergency action plan with each employee covered?

Correct Answer: All of the above

9. A hazard communication program must include container labeling and other forms of warnings, employee training and ______.

Correct Answer: Safety data sheets

10. OSHA permits a maximum of ______ training hours per day during an OSHA 10- or 30-hour class.

Correct Answer: 7