Put Your PPE to Good Use

Ensuring proper selection, use and implementation of personal protective equipment (PPE) safeguards workers as a last line of defense—following elimination, substitution, engineering controls and administrative controls according to the hierarchy of risk control methods. How familiar are you with the details of PPE?

1. PPE used for head protection must meet the design, testing and performance requirements of _______.

Correct Answer: ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014
Correct Answer: ASTM F2412-05

2. PPE used for eye protection must meet the design, performance and marking requirements of _______.

Correct Answer: ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015

3. PPE used for foot protection (safety toe footwear) must meet the performance requirements of _______.

Correct Answer: ASTM F2413-18

4. A hardhat that offers no electrical protection is categorized as a Class _______ hardhat.

Correct Answer: D

5. The maximum sound level an employee may be exposed to for the duration of 8 hours per day is _______ decibels.

Correct Answer: 84
Correct Answer: 90

6. “M.A.D” stands for the _______.

Correct Answer: Minimum approach distance
Correct Answer: Minimum allowable disturbance

7. A space that is not designed for continuous occupancy, is difficult to enter and exit and is large enough for an employee to enter is known as a(n) _______.

Correct Answer: Confined space

8. The proper fire extinguisher to use on a fire that contains burning metals would be a Class _______ extinguisher.

Correct Answer: D

9. A _______ respirator should be used in a permit-required confined space or environment where the oxygen level is below 19.5% or when the atmosphere contains a hazardous substance that could be immediately dangerous to life or health.

Correct Answer: Cartridge
Correct Answer: Air-supplying

10. Live parts that an employee may be exposed to shall be deenergized before the employee works on or near them, unless the employer can demonstrate that deenergizing introduces additional or increased hazards or is _______.

Correct Answer: Inconvenient
Correct Answer: Infeasible