Performance Testing Emergency Systems

The NEC generally provides prescriptive requirements for electrical installations and systems. A few performance requirements exist, such as performance testing rules of ground-fault protection of equipment and witness testing of emergency and legally required standby systems. The AHJ is required to conduct or witness the testing when installation is complete. How much do you know about testing?

1. For legally required standby systems, the time limit for generator start and transfer of power to the standby source must not exceed _____ seconds.

Correct Answer: 60

2. Which of the following is responsible for conducting or witnessing a test of the emergency system installation upon completion, and periodically thereafter?

Correct Answer: The authority having jurisdiction

3. The required audible and visual “signals” related to the emergency source must indicate at least four key statuses: derangement of the emergency source, whether or not the emergency source is carrying the load, any malfunction of the battery charger, and if the source has a ground fault on the system.

Correct Answer: True

4. Which NFPA standard provides information related to performance of emergency and standby power systems?

Correct Answer: NFPA 70

5. Unit equipment installed for emergency illumination must remain operational for _____ hours and not fall below _____% of the initial illumination.

Correct Answer: 1.5, 60

6. The required witness testing for emergency systems is a performance-based requirement, and a written record (documentation) of the test and maintenance is not required.

Correct Answer: False

7. What is the maximum time of transfer to an emergency power source after an interruption of the normal service to a building?

Correct Answer: 60 seconds

8. Which of the following is not permitted as a power source for an emergency system?

Correct Answer: Solar PV system

9. Which of the following is not permitted as a power source for a legally required standby system?

Correct Answer: Solar PV system

10. Where high-intensity discharge lighting such as high- and low-pressure sodium, mercury vapor and metal halide is the sole source of normal illumination, the emergency lighting system must operate _____.

Correct Answer: Until normal illumination has been restored