Notification Appliances for Fire Alarm Systems

How well do you know the characteristics for application and selection of fire alarm notification appliances? Try this quiz and see how well you know them.

1. Doubling the distance from the sound source will decrease its sound pressure level a maximum of _____ dB.

Correct Answer: 6

2. Doubling the wattage of a speaker will increase the sound level output by _____ dB.

Correct Answer: 3

3. The average sound loss through an open door is _____ dBA.

Correct Answer: 8

4. The average sound loss through a closed door is _____ dBA.

Correct Answer: 17

5. Adding multiple audible notification appliances to an area will increase the sound pressure level by _____ dB.

Correct Answer: 3

6. In a corridor 80 feet long and 10 feet wide, you are allowed to install one 60-candela strobe at the center.

Correct Answer: True
Correct Answer: False

7. If you have a hotel with 100 sleeping rooms, in how many rooms would you be required to install visual notification appliances?

Correct Answer: 9

8. If you install one wall-mounted strobe light 5 feet from a sidewall in room that is 20 feet by 20 feet, the minimum candela rating allowed is _____ candela.

Correct Answer: 34

9. The minimum intensity of a strobe light installed in a sleeping room within 24 inches of the ceiling is _____ candela.

Correct Answer: 110

10. Visual notification appliances are required in exit stairwells.

Correct Answer: False