NFPA 72 Fire Alarm Requirements

This test of your general knowledge provides an opportunity to better understand requirements of NFPA 72-2022.

1. A documentation cabinet must now be installed for all fire alarm systems.

Correct Answer: False

2. The sound pressure levels that must be produced by the audible appliances in the coverage areas to meet the requirements of this code shall be documented by the system __ .

Correct Answer: Designer

3. At a minimum, battery calculations shall apply a correction factor of __ for aging to ensure the battery can meet its current demand at the end of its service life.

Correct Answer: 1.25

4. Which is the allowable order of signals in accordance with NFPA 72?

Correct Answer: Priority alarm, fire alarm, CO alarm, supervisory, pre-alarm, trouble

5. The service provider shall report to the authority having jurisdiction any system that is out of service for more than hours.

Correct Answer: 8

6. Which of the following is not listed as an unwanted alarm in NFPA 72?

Correct Answer: False alarm

7. The recommended minimum separation for Class A, N or X circuits to prevent physical damage is __ where the cable is installed vertically and __ where the cable is installed horizontally.

Correct Answer: 12; 48

8. Which pathway survivability level requires 1-hour fire-rated protection?

Correct Answer: Level 4

9. Which pathway class is not monitored for integrity?

Correct Answer: Class E

10. Where listed loudspeakers do not achieve the intelligibility requirements of the code for a notification zone, nonlisted loudspeakers shall be permitted to be installed to achieve the intelligibility for that notification zone.

Correct Answer: True