Navigating OSHA Citations

Understanding OSHA regulations is a constant challenge, and navigating OSHA requirements when dealing with a citation is critical to an investigation’s outcome. With penalties increasing in recent years, it is important to understand the monetary impact on an employer and how it can affect them if a second violation or citation is received. Managing safety is always important for the employer and employees. How much do you know about violations?

1. What is the qualifying criteria for being placed in the Severe Violator Enforcement Program?

Correct Answer: Either A or B

2. What receives the highest inspection priority?

Correct Answer: Imminent danger

3. The current maximum penalties for Other than Serious, Serious, Posting Requirement Violations is ____ per violation.

Correct Answer: $13,653

4. OSHA has a penalty reduction available based on the number of employees working for an employer. For companies with 26–100 employees, the penalty rate reduction is ____.

Correct Answer: 30%

5. A company that has a documented an effective safety and health management system can receive a penalty reduction of ____.

Correct Answer: 15%

6. If an employer has been cited for a high-gravity, serious, willful, repeat or failure-to-abate violation within the previous five years, OSHA can now increase your penalty by an additional ____.

Correct Answer: 10%

7. Gravity-based penalties are based on severity and probability.

Correct Answer: True

8. Repeat violations are calculated as serious. A second repeat gravity-based penalty citation for an employer with less than 250 employees can be multiplied by a factor of ____.

Correct Answer: 5

9. If an employer files an appeal through Notice of Contest for an OSHA citation, they must do so within ____ days.

Correct Answer: 15

10. According to OSHA, substitution, modification of a process, ventilation or isolation are examples of administrative control(s) related to hazard prevention.

Correct Answer: False