Modern High-Density Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cable’s purpose is to protect the fibers during its installation and lifetime. Some modern cable designs have evolved to include more fibers in smaller cables that require more care in handling during installation. What’s changing with these new cables?

1. The design of modern fiber optic cables has focused on ______.

Correct Answer: All of the above

2. Microcables are designed to be installed by ______ so they can be made smaller and lighter and have lower pulling tension limits than conventional outside plant cables.

Correct Answer: Blowing the cable into small plastic ducts

3. Most of the weight in a rugged outside plant fiber optic cable consists of ______ used in cable construction.

Correct Answer: Plastics in the jacket and buffer tubes

4. Reducing the thickness of the cable jacket and size of the buffer tubes is one method often used to reduce cable size and weight.

Correct Answer: True

5. Reducing the diameter of the fiber itself by ______ helps pack more fibers into smaller buffer tubes to make a smaller cable.

Correct Answer: Reducing primary buffer coating diameter

6. Ribbon cables have always had the highest density of fibers, but today’s ribbon cables use ______ to stuff even more fibers into smaller cables.

Correct Answer: Flexible or rollable ribbons

7. Making the cable smaller and lighter also makes it stronger and more resistant to bending loss and fiber breakage.

Correct Answer: False

8. Minimum bending diameter of any fiber optic cable must be considered when cables are ______.

Correct Answer: All of the above

9. Fiber optic cables, including the new smaller high-fiber-count cables, are now generally specified with a minimum bend diameter when under tension that is ______ times the cable diameter. (The bending diameter is twice the bend radius that has been specified in the past.)

Correct Answer: 40

10. Pulling some modern cables is more complicated because they have been designed with ______, which makes them more sensitive to pulling tension.

Correct Answer: Fewer or no aramid fiber (Kevlar) strength members