Look out Below

Two recent emphasis programs that OSHA has initiated are Trench Safety and Fall Protection. These are enforcement strategies designed and implemented at the regional and area office levels. With the recent increase in excavation and fall incidents around the country, let’s review a few important requirements.

1. Any trench that is more than _____ feet in depth requires a protective system to be in place for the protection of employees that will be working within the trench.

Correct Answer: 5

2. Material that is excavated from a trench or excavation must be kept a minimum of _____ feet from the edge of the trench to prevent collapse.

Correct Answer: 2

3. Shielding and Shoring are accepted protective systems for use in trenches. Another method used as a protective system in trenches is _____.

Correct Answer: Sloping

4. Type “B” Soil requires that the excavated walls be benched at a minimum ratio of _____ horizontal distance to _____ vertical rise.

Correct Answer: 1,1

5. Any Water that is present in the bottom of a trench/excavation or is weeping from the side walls automatically requires the soil to be classified as Type _____ soil.

Correct Answer: C

6. Walkways must be provided where employees or equipment are required or permitted to cross over excavations. Guardrails shall be provided where walkways are _____ feet or more above lower levels.

Correct Answer: 6

7. An employee shall be protected from falling by a guardrail system, safety net system or personal fall-arrest system if they are working on, at or above a surface with a wall opening that is less than _____ inches above the surface.

Correct Answer: 39

8. Self-retracting lifelines that limit free fall distance to _____ feet or less shall be capable of sustaining a minimum tensile load of 3000 pounds applied to the device in the fully extended position.

Correct Answer: 2

9. Anchorages used for personal fall arrest equipment shall be capable of supporting at least _____ pounds per employee attached.

Correct Answer: 5,000

10. The maximum arresting force for a personal fall arrest system that can be applied to an employee using a full body harness is _____ pounds when stopping a fall.

Correct Answer: 1,800