Lighting Safety Requirements

To comply with OSHA regulations and other standards such as NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, and NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, lighting installed in temporary and permanent locations has to meet specific safety requirements.

1. OSHA general construction area lighting requirements set a minimum illumination level of ______ foot-candles while any work is in progress.

Correct Answer: 5

2. Lamps used in temporary lighting for general illumination must be protected from accidental contact and breakage.

Correct Answer: True

3. Flexible cords used with temporary and portable lights must be designed for ______ usage.

Correct Answer: Hard or extra hard

4. Temporary lighting circuits may not be supplied from branch circuits that ______.

Correct Answer: Supply temporary power for receptacles

5. According to the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, requirements for emergency lighting, in the event there is a failure of the normal lighting system, emergency illumination must be provided for a period of at least ______.

Correct Answer: 1.5 hours

6. OSHA requires that an exit sign must be illuminated to a surface value of at least ______ foot-candles from a reliable source and the exit sign to have the word “EXIT” in legible letters not less than ______ inches high.

Correct Answer: 5; 6

7. The NEC and OSHA allow the use of portable handlamps with a paper-lined metal shell.

Correct Answer: False

8. Recessed luminaires that are installed in direct contact with insulation must be identified as Type ______.

Correct Answer: IC

9. Fluorescent luminaries installed indoors in other than dwelling units that can be serviced in place must be provided with an internal or external disconnecting means, and the line terminals of the disconnecting means shall be ______.

Correct Answer: Guarded

10. Portable electric lighting in wet or other conductive locations shall be operated at ______ V or less; however, ______ V lights may be used if protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter.

Correct Answer: 12; 120