Know Your Tools

It’s expected that installing optical fiber cables would require different tools than copper communications cables or electrical cables. How familiar are you with some of the specialized tools used in fiber optics?

1. The metallic armor in armored outside plant cable can usually be cut with a common tool, a _______.

Correct Answer: Tubing cutter

2. Cutting aramid fiber strength members in a cable requires _______

Correct Answer: Kevlar scissors

3. The three different types of fiber strippers are generally known as “Miller,” “No-Nik” and “Micro-Strip.”

Correct Answer: True

4. All fiber optic strippers need to be chosen for compatibility to the _______.

Correct Answer: All of the above

5. Fiber optic strippers actually strip the _______ from the fiber.

Correct Answer: Buffer coating

6. Fiber optic fusion splicing machines join fibers with a(n) _______.

Correct Answer: Electric arc

7. To get good splices—either fusion or mechanical—the most important parameter is to have _______.

Correct Answer: All of the above

8. The best cleaver for preparing fibers for splicing is a _______.

Correct Answer: Rotary cleaver such as those included with fusion splicers

9. If you need to access only a few fibers from a large fiber count cable for a drop, you can use a midspan access tool and avoid having to cut and splice all the fibers.

Correct Answer: True

10. Whenever a tech works with fiber optic connectors, they need a special _______ and _______ to ensure the connectors are in good condition. (Choose two)

Correct Answer: Inspection microscope
Correct Answer: Cleaning kit