IT and Other Special Equipment

NEC Chapter 6, Special Equipment, covers photovoltaic systems, wind electrical systems, fuel cell systems, welders, IT equipment and more. As indicated in Section 90.3, the requirements in Chapter 6 can modify or amend the general rules in chapters 1–4, 5 and 7. Often the amendments or modifications are more restrictive than the general rules, but equal and effective safety requirements attained allow for the modifications by the later chapters.

1. According to the NEC, how many conditions must be met to qualify for the alternative wiring methods to NEC Chapter 3 and parts I and III of Article 725 for signal wiring and parts I and V of Article 770 for optical fiber cable?

Correct Answer: 6

2. Only Chapter 6 of the NEC applies to special equipment.

Correct Answer: False

3. A critical operations data center with IT equipment requires continuous operation for which of the following:

Correct Answer: All of the above

4. Power supply cords supplying IT equipment shall not be longer than _____ feet.

Correct Answer: 15

5. Listed surge protective devices shall not be required for critical operations data systems.

Correct Answer: False

6. Where a signal reference structure is installed for an IT room, it shall be bonded to the _____ installed for the IT equipment.

Correct Answer: Equipment grounding conductor

7. Power, communications, connecting and interconnecting cables and associated boxes, connectors, plugs and receptacles listed as part of or for IT equipment shall be secured in place if installed under raised floors.

Correct Answer: False

8. A _____ used for IT equipment shall be permitted to have multiple panelboards within a single cabinet if the unit is utilization equipment listed for IT application.

Correct Answer: Power distribution unit

9. An approved disconnecting means is required for all electronic equipment in the IT room in addition to a disconnecting means for HVAC equipment installed for the room.

Correct Answer: True

10. The noncurrent-carrying conductive members of optical fiber cables in an IT equipment room shall be bonded and grounded in accordance with Section _____.

Correct Answer: 770.114