Integrated Systems Testing

Now that the 2015 edition of NFPA 4, Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Testing, has been adopted in the 2018 codes, let’s see what you know about integrated systems testing requirements.

1. NFPA 4 became a standard in ______.

Correct Answer: 2015

2. NFPA 4 applies to both new and existing systems.

Correct Answer: True

3. A test of the response of one or more individual systems to an input on another individual system is called a(n) ______ test.

Correct Answer: End-to-end integrated system

4. The ______ shall be responsible for selecting the members of the integrated system test team.

Correct Answer: Owner

5. If testing of integrated systems is conducted, it takes the place of individual system testing.

Correct Answer: False

6. For existing systems, within ______ years of the adoption of this standard, an integrated system test plan shall be developed.

Correct Answer: Five

7. NFPA 4 shall apply to integrated ______ fire protection and life safety equipment and systems.

Correct Answer: Active and passive

8. Integrated testing can be permitted to be conducted in conjunction with the acceptance testing of the individual systems or after completion of the acceptance testing of the individual systems.

Correct Answer: True

9. In the 2018 International Building or Fire Code, where two or more fire protection or life safety systems are interconnected, the intended response of subordinate fire protection and life safety systems shall be verified when required testing of the initiating system is conducted.

Correct Answer: True

10. In the 2018 International Building or Fire Code, integrated testing in accordance with NFPA 4 is required for ______ with integrated systems.

Correct Answer: Both high-rise buildings and buildings with a smoke control system