Identifying Certified Electrical Products

Conductors and equipment covered by the NEC are acceptable only if the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) approves them. Certified (listed) electrical products and equipment often serve as the AHJ’s basis for approval. A product must be listed where the NEC includes a requirement that equipment be listed. Are you familiar with other installation factors that the AHJ will verify in the approval process?

1. Based on NEC requirements, which of the following entities is responsible for approval of electrical equipment and installations?

Correct Answer: The AHJ

2. Which of the following is not responsible for interpreting the rules of the NEC as it relates to applying the Code to installations and systems?

Correct Answer: B and C

3. The phrase “acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction” best defines which of the following?

Correct Answer: Approved

4. The NEC requires all conductors and equipment to be certified (listed).

Correct Answer: False

5. Which organization publishes a list of nationally recognized testing laboratories?

Correct Answer: OSHA

6. If special permission is granted by the AHJ, it must be in writing.

Correct Answer: True

7. All electrical metallic tubing covered by the NEC is not required to be listed.

Correct Answer: False

8. The NEC’s mandatory requirements are characterized by using which of the following phrases?

Correct Answer: Shall not

9. Listed or labeled electrical equipment is required to be installed and used in accordance with any installation instructions included in the listing.

Correct Answer: True

10. In judging equipment, consideration shall be given to which of the following?

Correct Answer: Any of the above