How Well Do You Know the Micros?

The new technologies in fiber optic cables and cable plant installation are the micros: microcables, microducts and microtrenching. These can make cable plant installation easier, faster and cheaper. How well do you know the micros?

1. New types of fiber optic cables are called microcables because they are small. A 144-fiber microcable has a diameter of ______.

Correct Answer: About the size of a pencil

2. The two design changes that made smaller cables possible are ______.

Correct Answer: Smaller coatings on bend-insensitive fibers

3. A microduct for a 144-fiber microcable is about ______ in diameter.

Correct Answer: ½ inch (12 mm)

4. Microcables are designed to be installed in microducts by blowing the cable into the duct, not pulling it.

Correct Answer: True

5. Blowing cables into microducts involves ______.

Correct Answer: Floating the cable on a high-speed air flow and pushing the cable down the duct

6. Blown cables can be installed into ducts as long as ______.

Correct Answer: 1—2 km (about 1 mile)

7. Microducts can be installed by ______.

Correct Answer: All of the above

8. Microtrenching is done by ______.

Correct Answer: Sawing a narrow groove in a roadway or sidewalk

9. Microtrenching grooves are generally about 1 in. wide and ______ deep.

Correct Answer: 20—30 cm (8—12 inches)

10. Microtrenching is only used in urban areas and not considered possible in rural areas.

Correct Answer: False