How Well Do You Know Chapter 4?

This quiz tests your knowledge on Article 430, Motors, Motor Circuits and Controllers, and adjacent articles.

1. Which NEC article is applied for a hermetic motor refrigerant compressor?

Correct Answer: 440

2. Section 430.8 requires using the tables in Article 430 for sizing circuit conductors.

Correct Answer: False

3. Three important elements to achieving a proper motor installation include branch-circuit sizing, overload protection and a branch-circuit short-circuit ground-fault protective device.

Correct Answer: True

4. The information on a motor nameplate is important because the nameplate voltage and horsepower ratings are needed to use the table in Article 450.

Correct Answer: False

5. What part of Article 430 covers the requirements for sizing the branch-circuit conductors for single and groups of motors?

Correct Answer: II

6. Conductors supplying a single motor used in a continuous-duty application shall have an ampacity of not less than ______% of the motor’s full-load current rating.

Correct Answer: 125

7. Requirements for motor branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protection are found in part ______ of Article 430.

Correct Answer: IV

8. Part IV of Article 430 indicates the requirements of Article 240 do not apply to motor installations.

Correct Answer: False

9. Overload protection also provides protection against short-circuits and ground-faults.

Correct Answer: False

10. Example ______ included in Appendix ______ provides information to assist in the understanding and application of the overcurrent protection requirements of motors and motor circuits.

Correct Answer: D8, D