How Should the NEC Be Applied?

Section 90.3 provides two key elements that help users with applying the National Electrical Code. This section provides the general arrangement, by chapter and chapter titles, and more importantly, indicates how the NEC should be applied to installations and systems. Chapters 1-4 provide the general application rules and 5-7 may modify or amend the general rules (often to be more restrictive and address specific situations, locations, conditions and equipment). 

1. Chapter 5 of the NEC provides the requirements for which of the following?

Correct Answer: Communications systems

2. The rules in chapters 5 through 7 are in addition to, and do not amend or modify, the general requirements in chapters 1 through 7.

Correct Answer: False

3. Branch circuits installed in patient care spaces of healthcare facilities are required to be installed in a metal raceway or using another metal wiring method that qualifies as an equipment grounding conductor (EGC) in accordance with 250.118, in addition to a(n) __ conductor.

Correct Answer: Insulated copper equipment grounding

4. In a patient care space, the branch circuit wiring can be installed in PVC conduit as long as two wire-type insulated copper EGCs are included with the other circuit conductors.

Correct Answer: False

5. The term "patient care vicinity" refers to a distance of __ feet from the nominal patient bed location in a healthcare facility.

Correct Answer: 6

6. A luminaire installed no less than 7.5 feet above the floor in a patient care vicinity does not have to be provided with two EGC paths as required by the NEC in 517.13.

7. Isolated power systems installed in healthcare facilities are required to be installed and operated as __ systems.

Correct Answer: Ungrounded

8. Conductors of isolated power circuits shall not be installed in any cable, raceway or other enclosure containing conductors of another system.

Correct Answer: True

9. Where isolated circuit conductors supply 125V, single-phase, 15A and 20A receptacles from an isolated power panel, the __ conductor is required to be connected to the terminals on the receptacles that are identified (white or silver) in accordance with 200.lO(B) for connection to the grounded circuit conductor.

Correct Answer: Striped orange

10. The redundant EGC requirements of 517.13 apply only to branch circuits serving patient care spaces, not to the feeders.

Correct Answer: True