Heat Detector Requirements

Although heat detectors are not used in the majority of fire alarm systems, it is a good idea to understand the applications and requirements. Test your knowledge to see how well you know them.

. After the acceptance test, spot-type nonrestorable heat detectors must be replaced after _____ years or have _____ per 100 laboratory tested.

Correct Answer: 15; 2

1. Heat detectors installed in elevator hoistways must be within _____ feet of each sprinkler head.

Correct Answer: 2

2. _____% of all installed spot-type restorable heat detectors must be tested each year so they all are tested within _____.

Correct Answer: 20; 5 years

4. Heat detectors installed on a 20-foot ceiling must be installed at _____ times the listed spacing.

Correct Answer: 0.64

5. The maximum ceiling temperature for installing intermediate temperature classification heat detectors is _____ºF.

Correct Answer: 155

6. The color code for an intermediate temperature classification heat detector is _____.

Correct Answer: White

7. What is the typical rate of change to activate a rate-of-rise heat detector?

Correct Answer: 12–15ºF

8. The design spacing of heat detectors, where measured at right angles to solid joists, shall not exceed _____% of the listed spacing.

Correct Answer: 50

9. For a ceiling slope of less than 30 degrees, all detectors shall be spaced using the height at the peak.

Correct Answer: True

10. The spacing of heat detectors shall not be required to be less than _____ times the height of the ceiling.

Correct Answer: 0.40