Follow the Signs

With the COVID-19 pandemic, recognizing key factors that affect employees’ mental health and stress levels is vital for all supervisory and safety personnel. This month’s safety quiz is dedicated to identifying some of the factors related to health and wellbeing.

1. Sleep deprivation is a key factor in worker fatigue on the job.

Correct Answer: True

2. Limiting the use of electronic devices within ________ hour(s) of bedtime will assist in the natural production of melatonin, the hormone the body releases to regulate sleep.

Correct Answer: 1 to 2

3. Recognizing a change in appearance, mood or behavior in a co-worker could indicate that they are experiencing high levels of stress either on or off the job.

Correct Answer: True

4. It is recommended to take a 20-minute rest break every ________ hour(s) when driving long periods of time and distance.

Correct Answer: 2

5. According to ISO 31000, the identification, evaluation and prioritization of probable impacts of incidents and unforeseen actions and events, followed by actions to minimize, reduce and control them, is commonly referred to as ________.

Correct Answer: Risk management

6. Any change in body function(s) that lead to injury, disease or decrease in life expectancy or that adds the inability to deal with additional stress can be defined as a(n) ________.

Correct Answer: Adverse health effect

7. Death by suicide is a leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry due to ________.

Correct Answer: Any of the above

8. The suicide rate for construction occupations is currently 49.4 per ________ workers in the industry.

Correct Answer: 100,000

9. A blood alcohol level of ________ is considered “impaired” according to federal law.

Correct Answer: 0.05%

10. Working 24 hours straight without sleep could result in the body being affected similarly to a blood alcohol level of ________.

Correct Answer: 0.1 %