Fire Alarm Tests for Sprinklers

How well do you know the inspection and testing requirements for fire sprinklers connected to a fire alarm system? Take this quiz to find out.

1. You are required to test control valve switches to verify signal receipt within the first _____ revolutions of the hand wheel or within _____ of the total travel distance.

Correct Answer: 2; 1/5

2. When testing water temperature switches, verify signal receipt when the temperature drops to _____°F.

Correct Answer: 40

3. NFPA 72 requires testing of waterflow switches _____ in accordance with _____.

Correct Answer: Semiannually; NFPA 25

4. Visual inspections of waterflow switches are required to be conducted _____.

Correct Answer: Quarterly

5. Signal receipt at the fire alarm control unit must occur within _____ seconds of sustained waterflow of at least _____ gallons per minute.

Correct Answer: 90; 10

6. A waterflow switch shall be permitted to initiate Elevator Phase I Emergency Recall Operation upon activation of a sprinkler installed at _____ of the elevator hoistway.

Correct Answer: The bottom

7. The waterflow switch installed to initiate Elevator Phase I Emergency Recall Operation is not allowed to have time-delay capability.

Correct Answer: True

8. Where connected to a supervising station, fire alarm systems employing waterflow detection devices shall include a manual fire alarm box to initiate a signal to the supervising station.

Correct Answer: True

9. The number of waterflow alarm-initiating devices that are permitted to be connected to a single initiating device circuit shall not exceed _____.

Correct Answer: Five

10. NFPA 72 does not specifically require a waterflow alarm-initiating device to be connected to the building fire alarm system.

Correct Answer: True