Fire Alarm Roundup

I thought we would start the year with some miscellaneous fire alarm questions that you may or may not be aware of, but will be useful to know in the future. Good luck!

1. How many types of Supervising Station Alarm Systems are described in NFPA 72?

Correct Answer: 3

2. Where dimensions are expressed in inches, it is intended that the precision of the measurement be ______.

Correct Answer: +/– ½ inch

3. The mounting requirements for wall-mounted heat detectors are the same as for wall-mounted smoke detectors.

Correct Answer: False

4. For the purposes of installing spot-type smoke detectors, “nominal 30-foot spacing” should be determined to be 30 feet ______.

Correct Answer: +/– 5% (18 inches)

5. For corridors 15 feet or less in width with ceiling beams or solid joists perpendicular to the corridor length, the following shall apply:

Correct Answer: Smooth ceiling spacing shall be permitted

6. An elevator lobby smoke detector shall be located on the ceiling within ______ of the centerline of each elevator door within the elevator bank under control of the detector.

Correct Answer: 21 feet

7. In facilities without a building fire alarm system, a dedicated function fire alarm system shall be permitted and ______ be required to include other functions or features of a building fire alarm system.

Correct Answer: Shall not

8. If installing low-frequency audible appliances in hotels for the purpose of alerting sleeping occupants, they must be installed in corridors as well as in sleeping rooms.

Correct Answer: False

9. You are required to test the audibility level and the operability when testing audible notification appliances during yearly periodic tests.

Correct Answer: False

10. Fire alarm systems employing automatic fire detectors or water flow detection devices shall include a manual fire alarm box to ______.

Correct Answer: Initiate a signal to the supervising station