Fire Alarm Requirements for Elevators

One of the greatest challenges when installing a fire alarm is determining what you have to do when elevators are installed. Test your knowledge of the fire alarm requirements for elevators in NFPA 72 2019 edition.

1. Which chapter of NFPA 72 contains the requirements for fire alarm requirements for elevators?

Correct Answer: 21

2. The elevator code, ASME A17.1, determines fire alarm requirements for elevator usage. Which edition is referenced in the 2019 NFPA 72?

Correct Answer: 2016

3. Fire alarm equipment installed in elevator hoistways must be accessible for servicing, testing and maintenance from outside of the hoistway.

Correct Answer: True

4. Smoke detectors installed in elevator lobbies must be installed within _____ feet (ft.) of the centerline of each elevator door in that lobby.

Correct Answer: 21

5. Smoke detectors installed in elevator lobbies for elevator recall are allowed to be located either on the ceiling or on the sidewall.

Correct Answer: False

6. Where sprinklers are located at the bottom of the hoistway (the pit), fire detection device(s) shall be installed in the pit.

Correct Answer: True

7. Where approved by the authority having jurisdiction, the detectors used to initiate Elevator Phase I Emergency Recall Operation shall _____.

Correct Answer: Be permitted to initiate a supervisory signal in lieu of an alarm signal

8. Heat detectors installed in elevator hoistways and machine rooms to initiate shunt trip operation shall be located within _____ of each sprinkler.

Correct Answer: 2 ft.

9. Where one or more elevators are specifically designated and marked as fire service access elevators, _____ in elevator lobbies, machine rooms, control rooms, machinery spaces or control spaces shall be continuously monitored and displayed on an approved annunciator.

Correct Answer: Temperature and presence of smoke

10. All fire alarm initiating devices used to initiate elevator Phase I Emergency Recall Operation _____ the required building fire alarm system.

Correct Answer: Shall be connected to