Fire Alarm Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

How well do you know the inspection, testing and maintenance requirements of NFPA 72? Some have changed in recent editions. Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

1. The purpose of a periodic inspection is to assure ________.

Correct Answer: That changes that might affect the system operability are visually identified

2. The purpose of a periodic test is to ________.

Correct Answer: Statistically assure operational reliability

3. If a deficiency is not corrected at the conclusion of system inspection, testing or maintenance, the system owner or the owner’s designated representative shall be informed of the deficiency in writing within ________.

Correct Answer: 24 hours

4. The service provider shall report to the authority having jurisdiction any system that is out of service for more than ________.

Correct Answer: 8 hours

5. A test plan shall be developed to clearly establish the scope of the testing for the fire alarm or signaling system.

Correct Answer: True

6. Changes to the system executive software shall require a ________% functional test of the system.

Correct Answer: 10

7. Test frequency for interface equipment is the same as the frequency required for the initiating device that controls its operation.

Correct Answer: False

8. When testing elevator lobby smoke detectors, the fire alarm service company is also required to verify elevator recall.

Correct Answer: False

9. What percent of restorable, fixed-temperature heat detectors are required to be tested annually?

Correct Answer: 20

10. Waterflow devices are required to be tested ________.

Correct Answer: Semiannually