EV Supply Equipment Concerns

Chapter 6, Special Equipment, addresses equipment installations such as fire pumps, electric signs, elevators and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). In addition to the electrical general installation rules, Chapter 6 requirements often modify general rules in a more restrictive fashion.

1. Generally, each outlet installed for charging electric vehicles (EVs) shall be supplied by an individual branch circuit. Each circuit shall have no other outlets.

Correct Answer: True

2. EVSE shall be _____.

Correct Answer: All of the above

3. An EVSE circuit is a continuous load and is expected to continue for _____ or more.

Correct Answer: 3 hours

4. The disconnecting means for EVSE rated 60A and over 150V to ground is required to be readily accessible and _____ in accordance with 110.25.

Correct Answer: Lockable in the open position

5. Electric vehicle supply equipment rated at 70A is permitted to be fastened in place and cord-and-plug-connected.

Correct Answer: False

6. An individual branch circuit feeding EVSE is protected by a 100A circuit breaker and requires a minimum _____ AWG copper equipment grounding conductor.

Correct Answer: 8

7. Article 625 applies to EVSE installed on all voltages, except for which of the following:

Correct Answer: 2,200V

8. Where EV storage batteries are used or where the equipment is listed for charging EVs indoors without ventilation and marked in accordance with 625.15(B), mechanical ventilation shall be required.

Correct Answer: False

9. All receptacles installed for EVSE shall have _____ protection for personnel.

Correct Answer: GFCI

10. Generally, the overall usable length shall not exceed 25 feet unless equipped with a cable-management system that is part of the listed EVSE.

Correct Answer: True