Emergency Communications Systems

Test your knowledge of the requirements for emergency communications systems in the 2022 NFPA 72.

1. Where listed loudspeakers do not achieve the intelligibility requirements of the code for a notification zone, nonlisted loudspeakers are permitted to be installed to achieve the intelligibility for that notification zone.

Correct Answer: True

2. For an evacuation message, a tone shall be used with a minimum of _____ cycles preceding and following the voice message.

Correct Answer: 2

3. Mass notification layer _____ relates to means of notification of occupants on the exterior of a building and controlled only by authorized users (wide-area mass notification system).

Correct Answer: 2

4. Where the building is constructed with a fire resistance rating that is at least one hour and less than two, the installation shall comply with or provide a pathway survivability of Level _____.

Correct Answer: 4

5. Two-way, in-building wired emergency service communications systems installed where the building has 2-hour fire-rated construction or greater shall have a pathway survivability of Level _____.

Correct Answer: 2 or 3

6. Occupant evacuation elevator lobby two-way wired emergency communications systems installation of communication and control circuit pathways shall have a pathway survivability of Level _____.

Correct Answer: 3

7. The alert tone followed by the message(s) shall be repeated at least _____ times to inform and direct occupants in the signaling zone where the alarm initiation originated, as well as other signaling zones in accordance with the building fire safety plan.

Correct Answer: Three

8. The evacuation signal specified in 18.4.2 shall operate in elevator cars, exit stair enclosures and exit passageways.

Correct Answer: False

9. Local operating console controls, including switches, microphones, latches, etc., shall be located above the finished floor a minimum of _____ inches and a maximum of _____ inches where the horizontal reach is less than 10 inches (254 mm).

Correct Answer: 36 and 48

10. If the fire alarm system is in the alarm mode and a recorded voice message is playing, or the audible signals are sounding, and then the mass notification system is activated, it shall cause deactivation of all fire alarm–initiated audible and visual notification.

Correct Answer: True