Do You Know Your Way Around?

This quiz gives you a chance to see how well you understand the layout and usage of NFPA 72, 2019 edition. Good luck!

1. All definitions used in Chapters 1–29 of NFPA 72 can be found in Chapter _______.

Correct Answer: 3

2. A vertical line in the margin next to the section indicates a change from the previous edition.

Correct Answer: False

3. Chapters 10–19 are considered the _______.

Correct Answer: Support chapters

4. Annex A does not contain any enforceable language.

Correct Answer: True

5. NFPA 72 provides information about when and where fire alarm devices are required.

Correct Answer: False

6. The best place to start looking for the location of particular information in NFPA 72 is _______.

Correct Answer: The table of contents

7. Indication of changes in NFPA 72 were modified in recent years. The best locations to find more information about the change indicators and what they mean is _______ and _______. (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: On the “Important Notices and Disclaimers” page
Correct Answer: At the bottom of each page

8. Not all information in NFPA 72 applies to all situations. It is important to pay attention to _______.

Correct Answer: The applicability of each major section in a chapter

9. Chapter 20–29 are considered the _______.

Correct Answer: System chapters