Do You Know Your Stuff?

While May is recognized as Electrical Safety Month, everyone should always practice safety when working with or around electrical circuits and equipment. Ensure proper ground prongs are in place and not removed from attachment plugs. Don’t swim around docks and marinas where electrical shock hazards could be present in the water. Test your safety know-how.

1. Portable space heaters should never be plugged into an extension cord or multitap outlet device.

2. Portable hair dryers used in a bathroom should be protected by a ______.

3. How often should you replace batteries in an approved smoke alarm?

4. How often should smoke alarms be tested?

5. A receptacle that is designed to prevent insertion of an object into a single slot on the receptacle is known as a ______.

6. Discoloration of a receptacle outlet can be an indication of overheating due to overloading of the circuit and/or a loose connection.

7. A device specifically designed to open a circuit when an electric arc is detected is known as a ______.

8. A portable electric tool that is provided with only a two-wire plug and does not have the third prong provided for grounding must be marked ______.

9. The best material used for making a nonconductive ladder is ______.

10. One of the first signs of electrical current flowing through water you are in may be ______.