Circuits and Pathways

How well do you know the latest requirements for fire alarm circuits and pathways? Test your knowledge on the 2022 NFPA 72.

1. A pathway survivability Level 4 shall consist of ______.

Correct Answer: A 1-hour fire-rated circuit integrity or fire-resistive cable

2. A shared pathway Level 1 has which of the following requirements?

Correct Answer: Shall not be required to segregate life safety data from nonlife safety data, but shall prioritize all life safety data over nonlife safety data

3. Class A, Class N and Class X circuits using physical pathways shall be installed so the primary and redundant, or outgoing and return, conductors exiting from and returning to the control unit, respectively, are routed separately.

Correct Answer: True

4. Optical fiber cables entering from outside the building or structure shall also comply with NFPA 70 Article 840.

Correct Answer: True

5. Where operational capability is required to be maintained or continued during the application of a fault, the operational capability required in 10.11.1 shall be restored within ______ seconds from the time the fault is introduced.

Correct Answer: 200

6. A Class N pathway has which of the following requirements?

Correct Answer: It includes two or more pathways where operational capability of the primary pathway and a redundant pathway to each device shall be verified through end-to-end communication.

7. Which class contains the requirement for operational capability on metallic conductors to continue past a single short-circuit, and the single short-circuit fault results in the annunciation of a trouble signal?

Correct Answer: X

8. Monitoring for integrity ______ be required for connections to and between supplementary system components, provided that a single open, ground-fault or short-circuit condition of the supplementary equipment or interconnecting means, or both, does not affect the required operation of the fire alarm or signaling system.

Correct Answer: Shall not

9. Monitoring for integrity ______ be required for a trouble notification appliance circuit.

Correct Answer: Shall not

10. A wire-to-wire short-circuit fault on any ______ circuit shall result in a trouble signal in accordance with Section 10.15, except as permitted by 12.6.5, 12.6.6 or 12.6.11.

Correct Answer: Alarm notification appliance