Be Prepared For Hurricane Season

August is the middle of hurricane season, and many communities face dangerous weather with excessive winds, torrential rains and flooding. So, take time to ensure you have emergency supplies available and travel plans in the event there is a hurricane or a declaration of evacuation. In case of an evacuation order, remember the six P’s: people, prescriptions, papers, pets, personal needs and priceless items.

1. What is the recommended ration of potable (drinkable) water per person per day that should be in your hurricane preparedness kit?

Correct Answer: 1 gallon

2. What is the one item most commonly overlooked when creating an emergency/disaster supply kit for the home or car?

Correct Answer: Manual can opener

3. When evacuating, it is recommended that gas, water and electric utilities are shut off before leaving your residence.

Correct Answer: True

4. A tropical storm watch is issued when sustained winds of 39–73 mph are expected in a specified coastal area within ______.

Correct Answer: 48 hours

5. A hurricane warning is issued when sustained winds of 74 mph or more are expected in a specified coastal area within ______ hours.

Correct Answer: 24

6. Portable generators should never be used indoors and should be located at least ______ feet away from the building or structure and the exhaust should be pointed away from the building.

Correct Answer: 20

7. Portable generators should never be directly connected to the home premises wiring system, electrical panel or back-fed though any power outlet. Connect appliances using individual, approved, heavy-duty extension cords rated for the load.

Correct Answer: True

8. Permanently installed backup generators must be connected through an approved ______ transfer switch to prevent back-feeds on the utility lines.

Correct Answer: Both A & B

9. When using a portable generator, be watchful for dizziness, headaches, nausea and tiredness, which are symptoms of ______ poisoning.

Correct Answer: Carbon monoxide

10. It is recommended to wait at least ______ minutes after turning off a portable generator before refueling it due to a possibility of an instantaneous fire or explosion.

Correct Answer: 15